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My Swing (smithe2)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 5 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 14

My typical ball flight is: draw

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hook, block


Ok, this is quite embarassing seeing your swing first time.  I used to slice alot , its been a hook for 2 years now.  Used to have a problem swingin out to in, now i know im too in to out, my problem is how can i swing more straight (out to in) feeling for me without casting, i have tried this and consistently hit low pull hooks.  Pay no attention to the alignment sticks as that wasnt set at targest. I also know i have a strong grip, thisis from getting more behind the ball, when i tiltmyshoulders away frm the targest that naturally strengthens mygrip.  Not sure how to combat that either.  I need advice on my waist high position on my backswing and my left wrist at the top. i feel that its cupped, not sure why i do that.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated







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Hmm main thing over swing. try to avoid it.



No secret just a few drills and loads of practice from your coach/youtube/friends will do it. You have wonderful ball striking your drills and practice have paid off! 


Your arms are initiating the up swing. try to use more shoulders to swing loosen your wrist and get your power from the hips/legs.


Is your ball ballooning high (very high)? Maybe because you're whipping your club and big hooks naturally will appear , try to turn and maintain lag.


Compress your hips abit then shift your weight and TURNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN


Peace out. ( no casting of your irons) rememebr!

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Thank you.  I will try to remember all of that.  Part of my problem overswinging is throughout my practice session I tend to have more and more swing thoughts enter my head and I guess I try to get them all in before I get to the top!  Haha.  Work in progress, I agree, I will definitely cut it down to 80%.  Most of my irons travel pretty standard, 3-6 irons are relatively low ball flight.

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Your back looks unnaturally straight... if you look at players like nicklaus, palmer, etc they pretty much just bend at the waist. Trying to keep the back perfectly straight (and the neck in perfect line with that) isn't natural and I think causes more problems that it can help 

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Thank you.  I tend to over-exaggerate everything that I'm told I am doing wrong, used to be a hunchback.  

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