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I have saved just about all of my "Special Balls" in my display case. I've got my First Par ball, and that was on a 51 Mph windy day, And a round played with only one ball. Several occasion's when we were lucky enough to have the course to our selves. How about a 35 ft. chip from a sand trap and it went in! And I got a ball from every course I have played at.


My best Shot? Well that's pretty simple , but I don't have the ball, Unfortunately.


I had two co - workers who were begging me to take up Golf for years, and I wasn't interested. They said "I had the stuff"!. We'll one day I walked past an office and the gents were trying to get one last fore-some together for a business tournament. My marriage was falling apart, as my Ex was lying to the counselor, because I got home first every day, and heard the phone messages from Landlords about her renting a place to move in to, which she denied... And also the guy she was seeing...


So I said to  my friends, how about me? They were ecstatic. I went to a pawn shop and bought a set of clubs and then hit the range for a few day's.

I watched "Dorf on Golf" and was ready to play!


Best ball fore-mat, and we started on the 10th hole. I think it was the 13th or 14th that it was a long Par 5, dog leg left with a mountain in the background, and I hit a lucky drive that was the best drive on that hole. I turned to my fellow players and said "God, I love this game"!

Golf was just beautiful to me!


You see, I had no idea what to expect from this outing, I just wanted to do something different, and have a day off from my life. I really thought I would tee off 18 times and not have to hit another ball all day long, and I'd just ride along for the rest of the day, which didn't bother me. Great dinner at the end of the round, and I got a copy of Golf Digest! Which I read cover to cover.


And that is the Greatest Shot I Ever Played!

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Par 4, 9th hole 360ish to the front edge, , 5 iron tee off, Center fairway, 130ish left to the green :) i have been hitting the 2220/230 yds 5 iron pretty consistently now atleast 2-3 times in 9 holes :)
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went eagle eagle at my home course.  par 5 10th hole i hit a 3 wood to within 5 ft and sank the eagle.  next hole was a par 4.  jarred my second shot with a 9 iron from around 145-150.  shot 65 that day.

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Last hole of the Member-Guest, playing with my father.  I hit a 4 iron off a hanging lie over water to a green located on a peninsula and well bunkered.  Two putts later we closed out the other team and won the Member-Guest at the TPC Prestancia.

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Interesting, most of "best shots" described are purely dependent on the outcome - first time I did, holed for eagle etc rather than a competitive context: -


eg former catergory - holing a 6 iron on number 12 at Harbour Town for a 2, drawing it out of the left waste area around a tree - doubt i'll ever hit anything as pure again.


eg latter catergory - semi-final of a foursomes knock out comp, 18th hole, 1 down, opponents already made 4, 12 foot birdie putt with a couple of inches of break - make it or go home.


Normally nothing to write home about but knocking that in under that sort of pressure still gives me more satisfaction than holing out from the fairway.


Horses for courses I guess.

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Maybe because I've hit plenty of close iron shots in my life, but all of my favorite shots have been crazy flop shot out of trouble, a few of which were in competitive rounds.

A few were back in high school. The first was out of foot-high rye grass from the edge of the woods from ~75 yards. (Not much of a flop, now that I think of it.) I took a huge whack and hit it to about a foot. Another one was from a few feet behind a huge (I didn't get a tape measure out but it has to have been 20 feet, but I didn't have to go over the very top) pine tree. I took a completely full swing and probably advanced the ball higher in the y direction that the x direction.

I had another similar shot playing with my dad, a huge flop from the middle of about a half-dozen trees where I just took a big cut and hoped it would go near the hole (it settled at 2 feet).

I also chipped in from a blind lie in a bunker once, and I was substantially below the green's surface to boot.
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Not sure I can pick just one. So here is my best drive, approach, and putt.


A 330 yard par 4 at La Cantara (San Antonio). Wind was helping, but I swung out of my feet. Hit a nice fade and rolled up on the green and stayed there.


After a drive that landed in a heavy tree area well below the fairway and greens, I hit a PW from 125 yards away, I missed all trees and got it on the green. It rolled up and hit the pin. Tap in for birdie.


Best putt, has to go to my first birdie. Good drive, ok approach shot that just rolled off the front of the green. What was left was a 45ish foot putt, off the fringe, up hill all the way with 2 breaks. Sunk it and cheered estatically.

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I have hit a lot of memorable shots (hole-in-one, eagle from 160 yards, my one lone 300 yard drive, etc.), but the most memorable are putts. I've made some huge pressure putts in tournaments that I will never forget.


I guess the biggest putt was a 25 footer for birdie to win a big tournament in a playoff but, in my mind, the bigger one was the tough downhill 10-footer I needed to make just to get IN the playoff.

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A few I can think of this "year". Playing in my Sunday Dogfight I've parred (great 4 iron and then 2 putt) and Bogeyed 18 ( after a poor drive, chipped out and hit a good 9i and then 2 putt) to win the money.


More recently I drove my ball left behind a tree at Championsgate National in FL. I had 167 left to the hole and hit a giant cut 5I to 8ft. It was beautiful.


I also holed out for birdie from 80 yards on the toughest hole on our course. That won me some sammie $ :)

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Played in a scramble where prize money was clubhouse equipment.  Big money for top 3 finishers.  Played horribly that day.  So much that on the back nine, I didn't even take my driver out of the bag.  My 2 drives that had to be used were par-3 shots.  Thankfully, my irons were only leaking oil and hadn't completely melted down toward the finish.


We were the 2nd to last group to finish.  Our approach shot into #18, 130 yards to an elevated green, had about 50 golfers sitting on the hill surrounding the green.  As first up, and expected to blade or roll another one, I actually hit my only good shot of the day.  High, straight and directly at a back right pin.  Hit it so good that it sent the guys on the hill scattering.


It came down on the fringe, backed up and rolled about 15' into the jar for eagle.  Nice to be the guy walking up and pulling his ball out of the hole for a change.


We finished 4th and out of the money at -9.  -11 and two -10s got all the loot.



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Second hole on the Greenback Course at Heron Lakes in Portland.  Terrible drive, left me 220 out on a 403 yard par 4.  3 wood to within 4 inches.  Now if only I could make birdies like that on every round :)

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My best shot would have to be from behind some trees. It was the typical shot where you should tell yourself to punch the ball into the fairway. I had to keep it low enough that it wouldn't hit branches, which wasn't too big of a prob. If I missed the gap between two trees It would end up either in my face, or a lot further back than I already was. If I didn't fade the ball enough, I would end up in the next hold over with no shot at the green. If I didn't hit it hard enough, it would end up in a lake. I pulled it off to the amazement of my partners and made a par on the hole.


In reality though, I have ****ed that shot up way more times than I have nailed it.

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i don't know about best, but i had to hook one out of the woods the other day around several trees.  i'd say it was probably begging a 75y hook, and i was 210y from the pin.  i hit my 4i and in fact it felt a bit thin, but it did come out and hook right around the trees like i had envisioned and it rolled up pin high about 6' away from the hole.  it was pretty spectacular :)


there are so many though in contention, seems like you remember the good ones a lot easier than the bad ones.  my favorite shots are always intentional hooks/slices to go around obstructions too.

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With just over a year and a half of time playing so far, I would have to say my best shot ever was a hole-out with a nine-iron from 129 yards for my first ever Eagle.

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A hole in one on a short (115 yard) par 3. On a 600 yard par 5, I had poor drive and second shot and was about 240 to the pin. This was in the days of persimmon. I had to hit a draw around a tree with a persimmon 3 wood and rolled over/past the stick about 15 feet. A short par 4, 40 yard wedge shot into the cup for a 2.
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sorry for the double post
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sorry for the double post

triple technically a2_wink.gif

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Any time I get to really open up a wedge and hit over something tall when really close to the green.  Love that shot and it surprises and amazes my friends every time.  Always 'feels' like I'm hitting 3x vertical than horizontal.  This doesn't really count, but it's in the same family.  Just after I bought my 60 wedge.  I had never hit it before, except when I bought it at the store.  A little 20 yard shot over a sand trap (no tree this time).  Two feet from the pin.  A true flop.


other than that - no favorites - I REALLY just like a good green approach or when I shape something on purpose.  Had a great round last year where every approach shot went as visualized, including a 6 iron I shaped around a tree, a 7 iron from a fairway bunker, and on 18 I was confident enough to select which tier on the green to hit - my goal is to have more rounds like that - just 'knowing' and trusting any iron approach shot is liberating.    Lots of people here can already do all that, but for me, it's a pretty big step.....

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