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About 3 or 4 years ago, playing a course in Hutchinson, KS and the wind was blowing at least 30 mph.  We get up to a par 3 that's about 145 yards with the wind blowing from the left and into us a little.  I aim at almost a 45 degree angle from the hole, with a 3 iron!  I purred the shot, it even has the 'pro' trajectory, starts out low and then climbs, the wind hits it and it looks like it comes to a dead stop then blows 30 yards to the right and drops 3 ft from the hole.  And yes, I made the putt.

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Holed out for eagle on the first hole, par 4. Ball was on the side of a hill, ball below my feet, hit a gap wedge from about 120 out of the rough up the hill over the greenside bunker. Ended up going in, and I ended up shooting my best round ever.

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Mine came last year on a 200 yard par 3 with a raised green. I mis-hit a shot and landed the ball about 30 yards away from the hole, at the bottom of the hill. I managed to hit the best shot I've ever hit with a SW and watched the ball land almost directly into the hole and roll in for an unlikely birdie.

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177 yd hybrid approach to 2 inches.

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285 yard drive, 275 to an island green, hit driver again and stuck it about 10 feet from pin.
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170 yard par 3.

5 iron.

Front Hole Location.

One bounce.

Hit the Pin.

Hit the Green.

Rolled 7 inches away from the cup.

Tap in Bird.


That was in my 3rd month playing golf.  Brought me alot of confidence.  Then a month later, the confidence went away.  Then it came back.  Then it went away again. 


Gotta love this game.

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Par 4 180 yard 6 iron from the rough 1 ft from the pin

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Playing in a alternate shot match play competition. My partner and I were 1 down in the match and my partner cold topped his drive off the #10 tee box. It went maybe 20 or 30 yards and ended up in the rough on the down slope on the front of the tee box. I had 275yards left to the pin downhill lie in the rough and I hit 3-wood to 3 feet from the cup. My partner tapped it in for birdie to even the match. We still lost but it sure was a great shot.

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Not one best shot, but my most memorable hole recently was in a member-staff scramble where we used all 3 of my shots to get a bird on the #1 HCP par 4 hole which ended up being the tie breaker to win.
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I have never had a hole in one yet but I did have two par four eagles within the last 18 months. The best part was they came during our nine hole evening men's league. Won good money and have the league record for par four eaglesc2_beer.gif.

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I have never had a hole in one yet but I did have two par four eagles within the last 18 months. The best part was they came during our nine hole evening men's league. Won good money and have the league record for par four eaglesc2_beer.gif.


wow, 2 par 4 eagles .... how long were the 2nd approach shots ?

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wow, 2 par 4 eagles .... how long were the 2nd approach shots ?

The first was about 145 with about a 20 mph wind in the face. I flushed a 6 iron. The second was about 153 light wind seven iron with a front hole location. Like I said it is special to me because they happened during league play. It gives it a little more personal sense of verification.

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What was your best shot ever played?



A 3 wood off the tee. really smooth and a huge outcome, the ball flew miles;


on a small 282m par 4 (around 310 yards), slight wind in the back, downhill after 220 mmaybe, I made the green from the tee.


and the ball rolled in the hole;


albatros !


on my second ever competition.


I shot 90 that day. Did'nt really know the significance of playing bogey.

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Playing the 12th hole in the Standford intercollegiate.  I had about 200 yards but was right in the middle of the fairway, which for that hole isn't great because there's a tree in the middle of the fairway about 170-160 yards from the green.  I hit a super high cut 2 iron, a PING G2 HL, over the tree to 3 feet.  That shot stands out more to me than the hole in ones I've made.

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Probably the shot that has made me smile inside the most of recent was last Thursday playing at Metropolitan GC in Oakland, East Bay. Hole #4 is a slight downhill with wind across your shoulders right to left, so a draw helps to carry on the 421 yards off of the white tees. My friend hit a huge drive which carried, bounced and rolled - it was HUGE! his normal slice was gone for this hole. I thought OK draw this and proceeded to block my drive 213 yards to the right hand first cut.


We get to my ball and I was pleased to see a great lie and felt better about the 2nd shot. My friend delights in checking distances for me and announces its 208 to the pin, so I take out my club have a few practice swings and then turn back to look at the tee. "You can play and lay up" he says gleefully to which I smiled and said, no I will let them clear the green.


One last practice swing and I sweet spot a 3 iron at the pin high and long - it bounces on the front apron of the green and rolls past the flag to the very back of the green which according to the scorecard is 48 yards deep.. My friend almost wets himself and screams "dude what did you just hit?" I calmly reply, my 3 iron. WOW I cannot hit a three iron he says... We drive sixty yards or more to his ball where he proceeds to miss the green short and right. My put is a 30+ yard downhiller which I two put for par.


Who says you cant get into peoples heads. LOVED that hole...

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My best ever shot is probably my luckiest too. Part of my practice regimen is to practice the tougher shots that I might encounter when playing for a score. That said, nothing prepared me for this best ever, lucky, shot. My son in law and I are playing Desert Rose in Vegas. On an approach shot to the 6th green, I sliced the ball which stops in a concrete drainage ditch, in about 1" of water. I am about 50 yards due south of the pin. According to the local rules no part of this drainage ditch is out of bounds. My son in law is really letting me have it, figuring that I will have to go back an hit again, in addition to a penalty stroke. Mean while he is already on the green about 3' from the pin. He's looking at birdie. At least a 2 shot swing in his eyes.  Besides, who is ever going to hit off a concrete slab with their ball sitting in 1" of water????  Yep, you guessed it, Me.  Not only did I put a great swing on the ball with my AW, but I actually holed out for my own bird. Even had a course marshal sitting there who saw the whole thing. And yes, my son in law missed his 3 footer, and had to settle for par. Me I played the rest of the day like the shot was no big deal, :-P

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I hit a 343 yd drive two days ago at Heron Glen in NJ 512 yd/par 5/8th hole down the middle of the fairway with wind in my face.  Subsequently bogeyed the hole trying to reach a sucker pin placement 171 to the pin in 2 which I hit very thin, flubbed my 3rd, chipped into sand on my 4th, got up and down for a 6.  That's why I'm still a bogey golfer....LMAO.  

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I have hit some really nice long drives, and some really great tight to the hole full wedges recently...but the one that stands out in my mind...


  Longer par 4, I hit driver but pushed it right of some bunkers into the native grass.  It took me a couple minutes to find it partially buried in a big clump.  I was a little less then 200yds out.  I had a long wait for the group ahead of me.  I pulled 4i while I was waiting, figuring that I couldn't reach, but hoping to get it out and have a wedge to the green.  All of a sudden after a 5 minute wait I suddenly change my mind and pull 7 wood out of the bag at the last second.  I figured I had a better chance of getting better contact and getting closer to the green.  Pin was in the back of a deep green.  Nice smooth swing and somehow I caught the ball pretty clean.  It ended up right on the middle of the green.  I two putted for par.  This was the ninth hole and it comes right back to the clubhouse.  There was a group of guys eating lunch on the patio right by the green.  After I putted out and our group was heading around clubhouse towards the 10th a guy on the patio said nice shot to me.  He then said he was a member and regular at the course and had never seen someone hit the green from there. 

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