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I was playing Eagle Green GC* in Denton, TX.  No. 9 is a 495-yard uphill par 5 with a terraced green. The flag was on the lower terrace, about 3 feet below the terrace shelf.


My drive caught the corner of the rough, and I took a 5W to about 60 yards out, just short of two fairway bunkers. I took a half PW, and landed short of the pin, but the ball released and ran up about 6 feet onto the upper terrace.


A long hitter I was playing with drove farther, and had bounced a 3W shot to the back fringe of the green. He hit a long putt from the back fringe, hit the terrace and rolled all the way to the front fringe.


Seeing this, I took a 7i and decided to hit a bladed chip shot. The ball checked just above the terrace, and trickled over the downslope and into the cup for a birdie.


My last two months in Denton, I played the course eight times. I charted No. 9: I got five bogies and three birdies - never did par it that year. 




*Unfortunately, Eagle Green GC got subdivided about 5 years after I left town.

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My only ace holds will always hold a special place in my heart, but my longest hole-out came from 228yds with a 3-iron.   It was a 451yd par4 and I hit a tree with my tee shot....the ball was knocked down and the rest is history!  JARRED IT..........

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I was playing 18 holes today. On this particular par 5, I slice driver into water. Driver still went good distance I think... We had been looking for the ball briefly, but it must have gone into water obviously. Anyhow, for my next shot I take the drop, and the lady in our group answers to my inquiry, that the distance is about 195 meters to the green. This was GPS distance.


So, I choose 4-iron for my third shot. I hit a perfect strike, with max power. The ball goes in a perfect line towards the flag...

Except that I overshoot the green by something like 5 meters. So that's 5 meters outside the green, in rough. I'm thinking that the distance to the green, must be to the green's center point. Flag was in center, also, though.


I definitely chose too much club there. There had been another water hazard in front of the green also, but it seems my new yardages are improved with my new swing change, especially the irons. I think a 5-iron would have been  better choice there.


'dat was about 224 yard 4-iron, total distance. (195m to green's center + 5m outside of green +5m green in between)


Then I proceed to thin my chip shot into bunker... then I barely save from bunker... then I proceed to threeputt


But let's not talk about the SCORE... LOL:dance: 

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My best shot ever was my 2nd from the par 5 9th at Cedar Ridge Golf Course in Gettysburg PA. I'll never forget it. Hit my drive right in the middle of the fairway and I had anywhere from 185-200 to the green. Just as I pulled my 6 iron out of the bag two sprinklers came on just before the green (it was late in the day and the marshal then apologized) so without being able to actually see the green at all I figured if anything I'd come up short so I let it rip. It felt great but I had no clue where it ended up. My partner played his shot and as we drove to the green there was ball, literally 2 inches to the right of the cup. I was flabbergasted. The course owner happened to be sitting on the patio and saw the whole thing. Tapped in for eagle and ever since that day he's recognized me as Mr Eagle. Hence my username :D
As a high handicapper this may be the greatest shot I'll ever hit haha
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It was a drivable par 4, and I drove the green and made the eagle putt. The putt was about 20 feet, and it was in front of three of my buddies, so it was pretty awesome. That was a few years ago and remains my only eagle :(


I gotta start posting here again since I've made like two posts in the last two years...

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Best shot was back in the late 90's, par 3 180 yds, slight down hill. Hit a 5i within 10 inches of the hole. That's all I got...lol

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My first eagle... Which has yet to happen but I've been close. Don't care if its an ace a two or a three when it happens THAT will be my best shot. Fingers crossed. ;)
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I've never had an ace, but I've holed out from over 150 yds 6 or 8 times.......go figure.  Regardless, those, while the result of a good shot, involve as much luck as anything, so I think of something else for the "best shot I've played".


2 come to mind.....


1.  My first time shooting an even par round.  Needed to make a 20 foot putt.  Not a horribly difficult putt, a bit right to left and fairly flat.....but it was for my only even par round in 40+ years of playing golf.  Probably the most pressure I've ever felt on a single putt.  Good firm stroke that snuck in the left center.


2.  Again on 18.  Short sided, buried at the bottom of THICK rough with a deep, big lipped bunker right in front of me.  Pin only about 15 feet on.  We won't talk about the terrible shot that resulted in being there in the first place.....  :8)    Not a shot you'd ever even try to get close.....put it on the green and accept your likely 2-putt and move on, but I had no choice.  It was the last hole of the match and we were tied, with a couple of presses riding on the hole, and my buddy has 20 feet for birdie.  I HAVE to make 4 at worst, or lose it all.  Wide open lob wedge and a full swing bunker-type explosion shot out of the nastiness.  Flies high, hits, turns over twice and falls into the center of the cup.  Buddy is crushed.....doesn't even come close with his putt to tie.  Damn the beer tasted good after that win! 

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My best ever resulted in my only eagle ever.  I hit driver and 3w to reach front bunker on a down hill, 470 yard par 5.  Lip was high (probably 4' or so), and I was just trying to get it on the green.  Hit the perfect bunker shot, ball came out nicely, and dropped..

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Ok - best shot ever.


playing with a friend from work (same round I got my first eagle, though not on that hole -

Hole 3 - Par 4 about 410-430 yards I think.  Slightly uphill and not a lot of trouble except for a tree on the left at the 260-270 yard mark.


Nice drive but a little bit of a pull so, of course, ends up under the branches of that tree - restricted swing.  NOT the best shot ever

I try to punch out low and shank a 6i off to the far right - still 110 yards away.  Green has a ridge across the face and the hole is high and to the left rear.  NOT the best shot ever.


Standing with my friend, I call the next shot to my friend (he's learning, so we discuss our shots).  "I want to try and land this GW about 5 yards to the right and a bit short so it rides that ridge left towards the hole.  Hopefully that will get it close"


Clean hit, it lands "about 5 yards to the right and a bit short" and rolls into the ridge and starts to track left to the hole......and it disappears.

My favorite to date - lucky and called it at the same time.


I played that hole a birdie the hard way, parred the next par 3 and then my first eagle on the next par 5.  Never got to score down 3, 3, 3 before on a 'real' course...yes, I still have that score card.  Saw it yesterday in my 'etc' bin of golf junk.


I hope for a lot more of these in the future.

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91 yard SW dunk from the fairway. Never touched the green, dropped right into the hole. Tremendous traj, almost straight up and then straight down. Sight to see. 91 yards is my new goto yardage, so much confidence when the rangefinder reads that number. Choke up and inch and go. Fun.
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Originally Posted by David in FL View Post

I've never had an ace, but I've holed out from over 150 yds 6 or 8 times

I once holed out from ~120 on a par 5, but it was after hitting my second shot OB (hit my fourth shot to ~120 out). Not my preferred method of making par, but I'll take it! The green was a bit elevated so I couldn't actually see it hit the green. It was on a perfect line though, and the foursome on the next tee all turned around when it hit the green, so I figured it was a good shot. It's a pretty cool feeling to just walk up to the cup and take your ball out, and not actually have to putt.


The closest I've gotten to an ace was on a short par 3 where I hit the bottom of the flag stick and ended up a foot away from the hole. I did make the birdie putt, though!

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