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When should you take a golf lesson? - Page 3

Poll Results: Golf lessons are:

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 19% of voters (7)
    Too expensive.
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Not worth the effort because I don't play enough.
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Not worth the effort because I know my bad tendencies already.
  • 75% of voters (27)
    Needed whenever you want to improve.
  • 27% of voters (10)
    Needed whenever you feel you have "lost" something.
  • 2% of voters (1)
    Needed whenever you need validation of your gifted play.
  • 2% of voters (1)
    Not worth the time; I barely have enough time to just get out and play.
36 Total Votes  
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Listen, you're going to have players who take lessons, and those who don't.    Everyone has their reasons.      The very reason anyone is reading this means they're much more serious about golf than the few times a year player.    It's pretty clear after participating in this forum for a couple years that (most) better players feel lessons are important & I respect that.     Many of those guys compete & take their game to another level & coaching helps get every bit out of their game.    


I just object to the line of thinking that everyone starting to play golf needs to factor in the cost of lessons - I've known a few people that don't want to give golf a try because of finding the time & expense of take lessons - they think it's necessary.      These are also the people that rely 100% on what their instructor tells them & don't do any research on their own, put in any personal effort and try to figure out the golf swing.


However, there are an awful lot of resources available today that enable a person to to learn how to play golf well that weren't available years ago when all a person had were books (youtube videos, discussion boards, golf channel instruction, launch monitors, video cameras on cell phones, etc).     IMO, it comes down to what you want to get out of the game ... lessons or not .... those that really like the game will put in the time to get what they want out of golf

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IMHO, it never hurts to have a Pro look at your swing. His/her trained eyes could very well see things you or your friends eyes don't that could help improve your playing.


Consider that PGA touring Pros have instructors/ swing coaches help them, so there must be something good about it. Age has nada to do with getting help, nor should your HC. I can see if $$$ is an issue, but ego has no place in golf..Just my 3 cents.

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1. Wen I start hitting shots off-line in a particular pattern and I can't figure out how to stop it.


2. When I want to learn a new shot.

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How about a tick for as soon as you possibly can, but only with an instructor who knows what he/she is doing?

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I'd say needed at least once a month during the height of the 'season'...it should be looked upon as 'coaching' not 'going for a lesson' - that's for hackers and beginners but when they become better they need to maintain all parts of the swing so find the pro that's good for you and stick with him and get COACHED; money well spent! Hell, $50 once a month for 8 months is the same as buying that new driver/putter/rangefinder that you didn't need - stop wasting money on equipment and start INVESTING in your swing. Coaching cannot ever be a bad idea! 

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I only get lessons now when I slip into some bad funk. I got a full swing lesson and a short game lesson last year. Both helped...a lot.


Playing weekends and on days off, I don't really make the time to consistently work on what a pro

would teach me.


Now if I didn't work and had the money, I'd probably be working with a pro at least monthly if not more.

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