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Hi I've been playing for 8 months now and I have improved a lot to the point I am buying some new clubs ( my old ones were Dunlop hand me downs) I have already bought callaway big Bertha woods and love them now I am about to buy Wilson staff d17 irons are they a good club for a high handicapper like myself?
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You def need to hit some balls with many different brands and see which one works best. Some irons will work wonders and others will make you wanna quit golf...
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They are designed with the high handicapper in mind....slight offset deep cavity head that still cuts thru the rough, and fat uniflex steel or graphite shafts. So I would say that the answer is yes. 

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I would still definitely hit some balls before I buy them.
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I've tried them out at the shop was hitting the ball cleanly, felt nice and comfortable just wanted to be sure before I buy thanks for your help a1_smile.gif
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