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Lately I've been really wanting to improve my distances with my irons... My drives are anywhere from 270-300 yards depending on how well I come through the ball. But once it comes to irons, my yardages are a bit short given the distance I am getting for my Driver and woods. Wedges too... I'm honestly lucky to hit a full sand-wedge 70 yards. Gap-wedge about 90 yards, give or take... Then say a par 3 comes around... I'll be hitting a 6 iron, when a friend of mine is hitting a 9 iron (about 160-165) and he's a bigger hitter than me yeah, but not by that much. He hits his sand wedge like 115... no idea how he does it!


Now I've been experimenting with putting the ball back in my stance... I always have played it forward, no matter what club I am hitting, and I'm actually getting less distance playing the ball further back than forward, despite hearing that the ball should be flying further due to de-lofting the club and everything. I'm probably doing it wrong lol it feels really weird after playing the ball up for so long...


Any ideas or tips? Thanks!