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Originally Posted by Moto19 View Post

I took the risk and actually decided to teach my girlfriend golf.  After a couple weeks of helping her at a range we tried a local 9 hole par 3 course.  Lo and behold she knocks it on the green from her tee shot and is left with about a 35 footer with strong right to left break.  She asks me "how hard should i hit it", and i was like "um firm, but not too hard".  She looked at me with a frustrated look, "what the hell does that mean".  At that point, she just went for it and made it for a birdie.  First hole ever and she birdies it. 

Even though this isn't a story about golfing with my significant other, Moto19's post brought to mind the story of Kim Jong-il's, (North Korea's former dictator), first attempt at golf....


In 1994, Pyongyang, North Korea media reported that Kim Jong-il shot an amazing 11 holes-in-one to achieve an unprecedented 38-under-par game on a regulation 18-hole golf course - on his first try at golf.

Reports say each of his 17 bodyguards verified the record-breaking feat.

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My wife took up the game when I decided that I was going to because she was afraid of being a golf widow (her father played all the time when she was growing up)


She has since given up the game but the 2 things I will always remember are:


1. Having to carry a rule book because she called me a cheater for taking relief off of the cart path (before I discovered it was legal, we carried a $20 hybrid to hit off of paths with.)


2. Her shanking a tee shot into the water on a par 3, only to hit a turtle and have it bounce to a couple of feet from the pin - with all of the low handicap regulars behind us and congratulating her for such a great shot when we go into the bar.

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I play weekly with my wife and another couple.  She is a very relaxed player and doesn't obsess about getting better like I do.  I have an easy time teaching her and we have a lot of fun, but we have that kind of relationship.  She is a fairly quick player and is maybe a 20 - 25 HC.  Best course we played together was Port Royal in Bermuda.  On the famous 16th cliff side hole, which is really intimidating, she hit a beautiful shot that ended just short of the green.  


She also made a 60 foot putt one round and refers to them as "Paula" putts when she sees a Pro make a long one.

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A previous girlfriend of mine was golfing with me once. We were driving looking for one of our balls. I saw the ball out to the left and she said "Look, there it is!". Well, apparently there was another ball in the grass out to the right. She thought I was turning right, I turned left and she did a barrel roll out of the cart. She was so pissed and I couldn't stop laughing. She was okay though.


I haven't took a cart in 4 years though. I tried to get my current girlfriend into golfing, but she's just not into learning. She does like walking with me when I play evening rounds, which I enjoy also.

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One of the things I enjoy most about golf is my wife isn't there. She hates golf. One thing I have learned in 15 years of marriage, you need time apart on occasion. There is something to the adage "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

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My wife and I used to play before the kids came. We had just moved to Los Angeles and did not know many people. It was fun, driving range once or twice a week a round or two on the weekends. What was fun we did not have a lot of money so it was just a great morning out each week. Never had really any funny storys to tell just a good time. Now the kids are older she keeps telling me she would like to play again but her hands and wrist are messed up.

Maybe this is the funny part I am glad she cant play I really dont want her to it is my time away with the guys.

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i agree with Dave,


My gf hits the ball well and its quite enjoyable to golf with her. I actually get to play a ton more golf thanks to it.


She got her first 2 pars ever last week and heck she played from the sand better than i ever have..


As for her best line, "I hit it with my purse!" when she leaves a putt short.. a3_biggrin.gif

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No funny stories from the wife. SHe plays, but we rarely play together, except for 9 holes on Saturday afternoons with the children we mentor. Other than that, she plays Wednesday night on Ladies Night, and Sunday morning with some friends of hers. I, on the other hand, play at least three 18's and a 9 per week in the summer. More if I can fit it in.


The joys of being a University employee, and having summers off with pay. I can play 7 days a week if I want. On days where my wife is off, I tend to get the golfing in early. She won't get out of bed before 10am if she doesn't need to work (nurse), and I cannot stay in bed past 6:30, 7am if I am really, really tired.

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We were playing at my favorite Tournament a few years ago; two guys, she and I. Par 3, 155 Yards, shortest hole on the course, "A win a car hole". You have Tee boxes, Wasteland, 10 yards of fairway and then a large green.


There’s a bit of a logjam to tee off and she realizes she knows the hole Marshall and begins to Jibber~Jab with her, while we wait our turn. So now we’re up, the guys and me come up short and end up in the weeds. She tee’s off and it didn’t look good either. So we go around and the only ball that we find was hers!


We finish out the round and we occasionally meet up wit her old friend, who always reminds me that none of the guy’ cleared that hole, and that was three years ago by now. But best of all, I took a picture of her hitting that drive!

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Sorry Photo didn't carry over to my post

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this is really immature, but i love having fun on the course.   but other than that. my wife's golfs with me from time to time. one round everything we said was sexual.   truly a funny round of golf... love to ease tension out there!  lots of "that's what she said"  

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longest and most talkative round ever. She shouted out every time she saw wildlife (deer, bunny, squirrel, etc...). lots of questions were asked, (how long is this going to take, why do i have to be quiet, etc...) Had more stress while playing as well. never again, Golf is for me only. She will have her activities I won't participate, and i have golf for her not to participate. I love her so much, but golf is my escape from reality and my happy alone time from the world.
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The second year I was playing I got paired up with an older couple in their early 70's on a local muny.  I will always remember that couple for several reasons, first of which was because the guy was so tall - he was at least 6'5 or 6'6" and you never see people that tall who have lived that long. Second was how completely smooth, powerful, graceful and skilled of a player he was - I think he shot 36 or 37 on a par-35 nine hole course and regularly was effortlessly smacking his drives 270 to 280 down the fairway.  I asked him how long he had been playing and what his best round had been and he eventually revealed that he had played on the PGA tour for a year or two back in the 40's but got tired of living out of his car, barely ekeing out enough to get to the next tour stop and he finally concluded that he simply couldn't compete with Hogan, Snead, Mangrum, etc... so he went into insurance or something like that.  He and his wife also revealed that they had been married for over 50 years and damned if they weren't still the most genuinely in-love non-newlywed couple I've ever seen - you could see that they just adored each other.  But it was also very obvious that the wife was still pretty much a beginner and she admitted she had only started playing the year before.  That struck me as really odd - this guy had waited over half a century to combine the love of his life with his favorite pastime.  At least once a hole she'd call out "Hon, what club should I use?" and he'd very patiently respond "Why don't you try your 7-iron honey."  They were very cute.

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My wife is a good athlete, but inexperienced at golf. I read the greens for her and tell her where to hit it. She does, and it goes in. She thinks that's really fun.

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Originally Posted by The Recreational Golfer View Post

My wife is a good athlete, but inexperienced at golf. I read the greens for her and tell her where to hit it. She does, and it goes in. She thinks that's really fun.

My wife also can really roll the ball. A few years ago I was practicing my putting down a line on our rug in the living room with a coin at the other end and thought I was doing pretty good but I noticed there was about an inch of break in the putt. (Didn't surprise me because it's an old house).


My wife walked by and I told her to try it, and told her there was about an inch of break. She rolled the ball down the line and it didn't break at all. I had her do it a few more times and each time there was no break at all in her putts and each one of mine was breaking a little.


Then it occurred to me that she was simply rolling the ball a lot better than I was. That not only made me mad but sent me back to the drawing board with my putting. I got out all of my old putters and had a series of contests with them to see which putter would win the competition. After finding the winner I started to develop a system for practice and spent countless hours working on my stroke until every ball rolled down that line with no break. Part of the practice was to roll 5 balls with a line around them down that line with no wobble and trying to have each ball come to rest on the line, with the line on the ball on the line on the rug, and with each ball coming to rest touching the previous ball until all 5 balls are on the line and touching each other.


Not coincidentally I went from being a fairly decent putter to being a very good putter. If my wife hadn't walked by that day during my practice and rolled a putt down the line I would probably still be a mediocre putter.


One time my wife and I were playing in a 9 hole husband/wife scramble match and she kept rolling in putts. I didn't think much about it (because I'm used to her making them) but on the 9th green the guy on the other team looked at me and said "You don't ever putt do you?" Then it occurred to me that I hadn't putted yet in the match. Of course that jinxed her and she missed the putt and I finally had to make one, but 8 one putts in a row for someone that had just started playing golf (and only occasionally) was pretty good.

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