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Graphite Shaft options help

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Hey I am a fairly inexperienced golfer, I generally golf about once a month in the summer. My Burner Superfast Driver shaft snapped in half and I was looking to get a new graphite shaft for it. I was hoping for suggestions on best to get with a price range of $30-60 for the shaft.

Previously had a Taylormade Matrix Ozix xcon 4.8 shaft
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Here are some details about the Burner 2.0 driver and its structure (from TM website).

"... TaylorMade, in introducing the Burner SuperFast 2.0 driver, is claiming it is 'up to five yards longer than the first-generation Burner SuperFast driver.' For many golfers, five yards is judged to be a significant yet realistic increase in driving distance.


Where might this distance come from? The answer is lighter weight. The SuperFast 2.0 has an overall weight of approximately 280 grams at 46.5 inches. This includes a 30-gram Winn Lite grip and 50-gram Matrix Ozik XCon 4.8 shaft."


For more details, see http://golfweek.com/news/2011/jan/06/behind-taylormades-2011-all-white-clubs/?print


You started with a lightweight shaft in a lighter (overall weight) driver. The Lite grip helped keep the swingweight from being too light. The shaft has a high launch, as you probably have noticed.


I couldn't find a specification line giving details on the shaft, such as torque or tip stiffness - TaylorMade's website is notorious for not having good archives on clubs more than two years old. And, it was a Matrix shaft custom-made for TM - no Matrix site details on it. Is your shaft R or S flex?


If you're not experienced in rebalancing clubs during reshafting, you might want to have a golf shop reshaft it for you.


You might ask a local golf shop for help in finding a replacement shaft. Some online sites offer XCON 4.8 shafts within your price band, but not all are for driver, and the flexes vary. Possibly a golfshop can locate a 4.8 pullout shaft from someone that reshafted a Burner 2.0.


Keep us posted on what happens.

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Thank you for the insight. I went to my local golf shop after talking about my swing and getting advise I just purchased a Grafalloy ProLaunch Red - S flex for my driver. I am very excited to get out to the range and try it out.
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