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'Not good enough' for MP 53's?

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I went into Dicks (coincidence?) to purchase a set of MP 53's Mizuno and was subsequently talked out of them. Apparently I swing too slow and thus can not carry the ball flight as far as the pro would like. This will change I'm sure in time, with more dedication and warm weather.


The software he used suggested a different club and shaft then what I went in to purchase. That software doesn't take into account all kinds of variables the least of which is not being warmed up, in the groove and so on. I clinch on stage...yada yada...


Is there such a thing as starter clubs? Aren't starter clubs just cheating your ability to find the correct swing path? I can't always find that sweet swing, but I know what it looks like and feels like and am in a continuous search to maintain that. 


Am I better off starting with the best tool possible and then learning how to use it properly, or use starter tools until I become a master of the craft and can then take full advantage of the best tool? 


I usually play alone, do not keep score often but am working towards club tournaments.


I want those F*ing clubs but nobody will sell them to me.

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Mizuno must not be giving kickbacks like the rest of the manufacturers. MP 53's are a players cavity back, don't know why someone would try to talk you out of them unless your swing is just god awful and you need super game improvement irons just to make contact. It's your cash buy what you want. Tell the non expert at Dick's to shut up.

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I would say- good on him. He didn't take your money for what would have been a bad call (apparently). If you were miserable with them because you can't hit them like (Mizuno Tour Pro name), you'd be all pissed at the guy who sold them and bad mouthing Dick's for a crappy job they did ripping you off.

BUT- I'm sure if you are actually that 1 handicap as listed- IF you insisted on those clubs, he would have tried to match shafts, lengths and angles to get the best out of them for you. Whether or not you made the most of them would be your problem.
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I identified it incorrectly MP 59.  They were MB i believe. Your point still stands regardless. Cash is king is it not?

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RayG is on point. No I am not a 1 handicap (did I mention handicap? I may have screwed up my profile) If my goal is to learn how to properly shape shots, is this not the tool to do that with? I can hit the ball consistently, I just have a slower swing speed then a pro apparently. 


I have a set of burner 2.0 that I have been using for 2 years. I switched to them from a MB off brand set I inherited from my wife's 1st husband. After buying the Burners and using them, I discovered I wasn't hitting the ball on the same flight as my hand me down clubs and have since switched back to the hand me downs because I like the ball flight better. I feel like the deeper cavity on the burners is screwing me up.


Having left the sport for 25 years, I think all this newer technology aka the cavity back, is where I am confused. I know the elements of the golf swing, but consistently putting that together for a 1 handicap is not where I am.  It is however my goal. I am practicing constantly and positioning myself to play competitively (this is a process for me.) I regularly shoot in the low 90's, have broke 80 a few times and now seek to streamline all the strokes into a full game thus becoming competitive (locally). 


If anything Dick's should be ashamed because they sold me the Burners 2 years ago and now I am back AGAIN looking for what I really want.


This idea of being 'good enough' for certain equipment, confuses me.

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First, go get a second opinion from another reputable sales outlet. If you are dead set on those mizuno's then go to their website and locate a top mizuno outfitter in your area. From there if your second opinion says a lot of the same things maybe your just being stubborn and listen to there opinions. Golf is a process and some club designs are not for right for everyone. I play mizuno's and the salesmen talked me out of one model for another and after 4 rounds I couldn't be happier.
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I think your right...it is a process, I'm just not convinced it's a staged gear process like NASCAR let's say. As each of us is on a different path, I think I was right to stick with the MB's all along as this is the club that is most similar to what I learned to play on 30 years ago. As I have an aversion to playing with dead men's clubs I sought out a new set only to buy the wrong thing, which were the Burner cavity backs. 


I'm not looking for my club to fix my swing, I will fix my swing on my own. I really just want to be done using somebody else's clubs and I don't like the burners I bought.


But why this push by the pros to put me back into another cavity club? I like high flying ball flights and could never get that with my burners. Besides all that....maybe I just like the number 59.


This isn't the first time I have encountered this resistance by the pro's. I thought I would buy some Titelist MB 710's last year only to be pushed back out the door due to low swing speed. I let it rest till this season only to be right back into the same boat. I may just go have my wife buy them for me. I cant believe it's come to that....sad for all parties involved really.

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Thank you for contacting Mizuno USA.  Overall, we recommend the MP 53 irons to players with handicaps of 0-14.  Even though it is a better players iron, it does offer a decent amount of forgiveness with the slightly deeper cavity, and milled pocket cavity on the 3-7 irons.  Without seeing you swing, it is tough for us to know exactly why the fitter would say that these irons are not for you.  It's certainly possible that they feel like your abilities would be better served playing a more forgiving iron.  That is something that you would have to decide.  We never like to talk anyone out of a product, but rather point them in a direction that might be more suitable for their current abilities.  The club fitter may feel more confident in you using an iron from our JPX category before stepping into an MP iron.  If you have any additional questions about what irons may be right for your current game, please feel free to let us know. 

Best regards, 

Mizuno USA

Consumer Support Division




So here again we see mention of this stepping process of equipment. What would I learn from the JPX line that I couldn't learn from the MP line? Very cool of them to reply same day, no?  


Are people concerned I will be frustrated with bad shots and leave the game? Is it not possible that the feedback I get from bad shots leads to great shots right after? What really sucks is that I think I told everyone MP 53 when in fact it was the 59's I was trying to buy. Forged blades is what I am after....

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Why do you want an iron that will result in poorer shots and ultimately higher scores given your experience and skill level?

Having said that, if you want them, buy them.
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who says it will result in poorer shots? Of course I wouldn't want such a thing. I have every confidence this will lead to better shots! Thus I want them. For all the fitter knows by using the MB's I just increased my control and distance by 10,000%. He has nothing with which to base my game other then a few swings, using his clubs. I may use a shovel and rake on my home course for all the fitter knows. But the fitter made certain assumptions about my game based on those few swings and I cant help but think it has more to do with worthiness then my needs. The fitter decided in three swings that I was unfit for the MP's and fit for the JPX.  Everyone seems to think that I need a cavity club or as Muzino puts it something else since I am not of the 'better players' category again based on 3 swings while being fitted.


I go home without the clubs but with a new drive to figure out why Muzino and the fitter think me unworthy. I'm already practicing in the yard, quickly discovering what I did wrong on the test and am now willing to go and retest albeit elsewhere. Silly this game marketing......and none of my story fits into their clip on club fitter. 

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First off, it is your money, buy what you want. I think most retailers will gladly take your money if that is what you want. They are suggesting a more forgiving club because they feel you might be more consistent. But I understand your motives and point of view. I have a pristene set of Titleist DCI Gold Triangle 1-PW from 1992. Your basic investment cast, hot loft(for the day)offset cavity back. I have a pristene set of 1979 Wilson Staff Tour Blades 2-PW. My scoring is similar to yours. I can play with either set and on any given day, my score wont be affected that much-maybe 2-3 strokes on average-but depending on how I am swinging. If I am swinging bad, I score bad, swinging good, I score good. That said, if I take both 5 irons and hit similar balls, say ten with each club, the center of the "group" will be maybe half a club longer, and the dispersion will be maybe twice as tight with the DCI's. The very best with the Wilson will be as long or longer than the DCI, but the worse ones will be worse. See my sig-I don't play with either set that much, but I do enjoy the blades and also often play with persimmon woods. I like it and enjoy it and like the way it looks and the way it feels when I occasionally hit a pure one. The points are: you will be more consistent with a more forgiving club. If the experience is more important to you than the score(I am kinda like that) then play what you want.
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So buy them!

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If you want them, buy them. The MP 59 is a great iron.....for those with the swing to hit them consistently.
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I went to Edwin Watts, I informed him I did not wish to be talked out of the MP 59! He said no problem I own them too, but you know what I play with JPX. Half hour later, I'm having dinner with my wife, no clubs, saying to her: see I'm not crazy. Nobody will sell me the clubs! We think we now understand the differing motives. I do not wish to mask my swing faults and he does. Maybe so I will purchase two sets like I've already done? Madness!
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It's often mentioned but I don't get why people think that playing with blades is going to make them somehow magically improve their swing. Sure, you're going to feel mishits a little more, but that's not going to make it any easier to correct your swing faults.


The biggest difference between an MP-59 and a game improvement (GI) club is that the centre of gravity is going to be lower in the GI club. The lower centre of gravity will help you launch the ball higher. That may or may not be a good thing for your swing.


I find it very strange that in all of this there is no mention of shafts. The shaft you get will have more bearing over how the club plays for you than the clubhead will. It may have been that the only MP-59s they had in stock had heavy, stiff shafts in them and that may be why the salesperson was saying that they weren't a good fit for you. That would make sense to me.


In the end the most important thing is that you like and feel confident in the club you're playing. But do yourself a favour and go and find someone with the Mizuno fitting system. They will get you to hit with a device that measures your swing and will recommend a few shafts for you to try. They will then put those shafts into the clubhead(s) you like and let you try them.

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I don't buy the argument that cavity backed clubs are a cost free benefit. Simple physics would dictate that a larger sweet spot means less mass across the entire sweet spot thus less of a sweet spot if the club remains the same weight. I think the only true comparison possible is to take my old club along and swing them all to see which I feel best with. If I were looking for consistency then maybe a cavity would work but MB clubs seem to offer loftier balls.
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Originally Posted by Prodaytrader View Post

I don't buy the argument that cavity backed clubs are a cost free benefit. Simple physics would dictate that a larger sweet spot means less mass across the entire sweet spot thus less of a sweet spot if the club remains the same weight. I think the only true comparison possible is to take my old club along and swing them all to see which I feel best with. If I were looking for consistency then maybe a cavity would work but MB clubs seem to offer loftier balls.


If by loftier balls you mean higher launch, then it's about where the weight (centre of gravity) is. It's lower in game improvement cavity backs, thus they launch the ball higher.


For many players, that higher launch is the "cost". I don't want higher launch. You also get a bigger clubhead and a larger sole, which have their disadvantages (and of course advantages).


I can't see you being happy with cavity backs, you've made up your mind but at least go and make sure you get the right shaft in them. If the salesperson didn't want to sell you his MP-59s because of swing speed, it was probably more to do with shafts. And shafts that are too heavy, too stiff or have the wrong launch profile for your swing are going to make it both hard to play, and hard to improve.

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Is it at all possible that your swing speed isn't fast enough to get these clubs hitting the ball in the air? Could you possibly be over estimating your ability? How about posting a video of your swing?
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