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I have found that slower backswing creates smooth tempo and everything falls in place. Repeatability is the ingredient that is sometimes out of stock.
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Keep the left arm straight and almost brush my hands against my thighs. Whenever I keep this in mind, I'm paying my best golf.

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Elbows close throughout swing = keeps my arms in front of my chest


Just wanted to say thanks to MidWestSwing for this.  Went to the range last night with this as my swing thought and was pounding the irons straight with great distance.  Thank you for this swing thought.  More than anything else it keeps my backswing under control.

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I go to the first tee with one maybe two swing thoughts to focus on throughout my round. Like thinking about driving a nail through the center of the ball with driver in hand.
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i just like to visualize in my head a perfect shot and then i try to repeat it in real life. also sometimes i need to remind myself to transfer my weight forward during my swing and to turn my wrists at impact.

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I hit it really well when I focus on this


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Haha, well that is good , Mike.  I guess, from some of comments previously posted, that was not you in the video. But still, a terrific performance. If my brain were big enough, i would keep it all  in mind when i step up to the ball. 

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After watching that hilarious swing I'm calling my swing doctors for help! Dr. Moe, Dr. Larry, Dr. Curley HELP!!!
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I hit it really well when I focus on this

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I try to have only one swing thought when things go kittywhompis.  With any club in my hand while in my stance, I imagine a hoola hop on the same plane as the club shaft.  I simply try to swing around the hoola hoop.  It helps I try to use more of the one plane approach.

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I focus on being sure to spit my sunflower seeds on the green. Never played better I tell ya.
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Keep my left arm tucked as in don't let handkerchief fall and everything else falls in place.
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Newbee tip here. What has turned my slice into a livable fade on tee shots is to start the swing with my hips.  And study video of your swing. Especially comparing good shots with bad shots. It takes a while if you are not experienced, which was the case with me, but eventually, you can identify things to work on.

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I feel that my shot is already decided before I hit the ball get all the basics right at address then my personal secret is a turn and a turn.

Literally now my only focus is my torso turn it to the right and turn back to the left.

Of course its been hours in the making and repeated work for this to happen so maybe the biggest secret is patience that you will discover your swing when you work on the correct things foe you
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The only thing I focus on right now is maintaining my right knee flex and making a full turn, if I let my right knee straighten out I'm flexible enough where I could turn all day and never get fully coiled.

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I'm sure most people won't like this one, because it goes against their Holy Grail of Golf, but the key to consistency for me is to not only keep a flat left wrist but to not intentionally cock my wrists at all because when I did it was inevitable that at some point in the round the "wrist cock" was going to turn into a cupping of the left wrist, and the kiss of death for my swing (and my game).


At first I stumbled on it just messing around and trying to imitate Steve Stricker just for fun. When I noticed it worked for me I thought it would be worth giving up a few yards for more consistency. Then a surprising thing happened. I realized that I hit my irons farther than ever before with no more effort, and hit my driver about the same distance that I always did.


Spent about a month getting used to the new distances with my irons. The hardest thing was to have a shot across the water and have a club in my hand that was 2 clubs less than I had ever used before on that shot and mentally committing to the ridiculous distance that club was going to go.


I, too, went from cupped to flat left wrist and started hitting 10 - 20 yards more.  In fact, the transition is still happening as I sometimes fall back to bad habit.  B/c of that, It's a guessing game sometimes.

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