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set for 17 year old beginner

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Son has started taking lessons and is taking to it well.  Looking at...


Tour Edge - Bazooka HT Max 2x6 Hybrid Irons Graph/Steel


Adams 1212 - Tight Lies #5, 6-PW/SW Hybrid Irons


Thoughts on each?


Other recommendations?


Thanks much

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Any good ideas?


thanks for input.

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I don;t know much about the Tour Edge. These are iron sets are they not? I would look at complete sets for a beginner, woods, bag and all either the Tite Lies or the Callaway Strata set, my personal favorite. 

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At 17, is your son at any point Financially responsible?  IE, can you give him a pile of money or incentive to get certain grades and you will match funds for him to purchase his own set?  Chances are if he appreciates the game, he will appreciate and take better care of something that he at least has some investment in. 


On top of that, most people find buying golf clubs almost as much fun as playing golf.  If your son is into that portion of it, he might prefer if you helped him purchase a set, but ultimately let him make the decision. 


When I was 17, I was a total computer nerd.  I really wanted to build a new computer, so my parents proposed to chip in a small amount of money for every A I got on the following report card, and slightly less for every B.  I combined that with money I got for working my summer job and at the end of that summer was able to purchase the computer that was exactly what I wanted.  It is a life lesson for the value of money as much as it was an incentive to work hard in School. 


Places like Ebay, craigslist, here and the "other" website are all great places to get gently used equipment that anybody including your son would be very proud to own. 



Since you were not asking and you are the parent, I shouldn't but into your style of parenting: Here is a list of clubs that I think are a great place to start on a budget


Adams A3 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Adams-Idea-a3-Iron-Set-Golf-Club-4-PW-Steel-Graphite-Regular-Flex-/221214014092?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item338161fa8c


for the driver, I would suggest something 3-4 years old with a 460 deg head. 

Taylor Made Burner is always a popular choice, Ping G10 another worthy contender


add a cheap wedge, a putter, and a bag and you are well on your way.

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I started years ago with some adams tight lies, they were decent clubs, still have them. For some stupid reason i cant let them go.

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Doubt he would need Hybrid irons.  At 17 he is probably strong enough to swing standard clubs.  My son is 18 now, I picked up a set of old titleist DCI oversize 3-PW on ebay for $100 and he loves them.


I agree with the Taylormade driver.  Maybe a burner or RBZ.  They are good clubs for the wilder swings.

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Now he is looking at...


Adams Tight Lies full set


Callaway Strata full set


Adams set is about $120 more in cost.

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I still have the set in my signature.  It is a good deal, if you are interested.

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