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My Swing (ChadParker)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 5+ years

My current handicap index or average score is: 40 on the front nine (36 par)

My typical ball flight is: long, high

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice, mostly with driver




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Sorry, you've got to hit a ball. Practice swings tell us nothing.

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Going off these practice swings (which as Stretch points out, could be totally different to your normal swing of hitting a ball) then:



From face on, you're trying to retain too much flex in your right knee and you're also sliding to the right a little bit. This isn't getting your right hip out of the way so you're turning flat with your shoulders. It's also making you pick the club up with your hands from the down the line view rather than more of a one piece takeaway where your hands go back towards your right heel in the first move. Feel as though the right leg straightens a bit and the right hip turns behind you and even towards the target, this will give you room to allow your left shoulder to go down towards your right toe with your hands going deeper and your shoulder on a steeper turn. you should be able to see your right foot all the time in the back swing if you feel like you're peering over your left shoulder too much then your shoulders aren't turning steep enough.
When your hands are picked up like that with your right hip in the way, you have no choice but to come over the top slightly as there is no room for your arms/ hands on the downswing.
Also looks like you have no spine tilt away from the target, coupled with your slight overswing, the hips move away from the target and the body tips over towards the target, this  will tend to assist you coming over the top even with a good lower body action. Maybe the steeper shoulder turn will sort this issue out but something to look out for.
You've got good posture, though removing a little bit of knee flex and increasing your spine angle over the ball wouldn't be a bad thing. You come through the ball really well though and have a nice tempo.  Sort out your pivot/ takeaway and then post another video, this time hitting a ball :-)
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