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What shaft should I be using? A little help please

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Hi, I am from Costa Rica and new to the site. 

I used to play professional tennis and now i am ADDICTED to golf  :) 


I am 31 years old and I currently have a 10 handicap. I have only played for 2 years and I am self thaught. 


I bought my clubs from what I thought it was good for me. I will be going to USA in a month or so and would love to get fitted so I know what to purchase. In the meantime I was wondering if you guys can help me with some stuff. 


I have no idea what my swing speed is but i think it is around 100-105 with the driver. 


I am really inconsistent with the driver but I think I carry at least 250 ? 


I know my Iron distances pretty good, they are the following, 


5i 200 yds

6i 185-190 yds

7i 175

8i 160

9 150

PW 140 


I am 5'8 and I weigh about 165 pds. 


I use Mizuno mp-53 with project x 5.5 shafts. Lately i am hooking or overdrawing my shots a little bit. Is this the right shaft for me? 


On the woods i am pretty Inconsistent. I have the Callway Razr Fit 9.5 driver with Stiff flex shaft( the stock Adila NV) ? I CANNOT Draw the ball with the driver unless i really slow down my swing speed. Generally I push or overfade my driver a lot. I generally miss right. The shaft kind of feels like it moves all over the place

I use the 3 wood that has the same stock shaft. 


Can I please get some advice ?   I really like a friends Titleist 910 D2 driver that has a Diamana ahina 72 shaft STIFF. 


Am I just crazy and overthinking this shaft and club thing or is there something to it? 


Thanks again for any kind of advice, 



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There are many factors that can be causing your hook. Shafts, swing and even grip size can have something to do with it. Go to your local pro who has a launch monitor to check out your swing. Then you'll have a better idea on what you require. Check out golfclubshaftreview.com for some useful information on shafts and swing speeds.

Good luck

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Thanks for the reply. 


Here in Costa Rica there is no store or anyone really that would know how to do the fitting or anything about shafts. That is why I was looking for some advice so I know what to look for when I go to the US. 

That site seems pretty helpful will take a look there.

Thanks again, 



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your using the right shaft. your shaft is not causing your hook, its your swing. 2 years self taught and your a 10 handicap. its either your full of crap or you play all day, every day. do you give yourself gimmie puts from the fairway? lol.
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I am 10 index  and yes I live next to a golf course and play about 4 times a week. 


Anyway, what is ur problem?  Why even comment? what a jerk

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You're overthinking it.  Project X 5.5 are good for your swing speed. I'm at 103-105 and that's what I have.  Also, stiff shaft for whatever driver is good for you.

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It's really impossible to diagnose without seeing your swing, but I tend to agree with Harmonious that the shafts aren't the issue.


As a self-taught, former tennis pro, I suspect that the problem lies in your swing.  The golf swing is almost polar opposite to the tennis swing. Think weak hand backhand instead of strong hand forehand, and you're closer to what the golf swing should be....  I'd bet that your right hand (assuming you're a righty) is too dominant in your golf swing and that could very well be leading to your hooking and inconsistency issues.


Again, just a guess, but given your background, pretty likely.....  If you care to post a video of your swing here, I'm sure the swing gurus would be more than happy to comment and make suggestions that should be helpful.


Welcome to the forum!

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I can imagine your pretty low after 2 years after playing tennis on a high level.

To pick a good shaft for you is hard to tell, i personally do pretty well on the 

new Aldila Rip shafts, maybe the 72 gram shaft is a bit to much for you, looking at your swing speed!

I think your feeling is some sort off a bounce back over your current shaft. That might be to light. i think the NV was about 50/55 grams.

Again it's hard to tell by not seeing you swing the club to recommend a shaft, but i think it would be +-

65 gram and stiff flex.  

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