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That's if there is 10 yds TO the green with some room to the pin. As I mentioned- if the pin is front, it would be a putter or semi flop.

But I also said that it's one of the toughest shot for me. It doesn't always work, either... It needs the right lie and a near perfect strike, but isn't impossible since I have pulled off that little "fizz check" type of shot (as I have heard it referred to- I think it was Seve) in the past.

Seve is as good as can be on miracle shots

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Originally Posted by onephenom View Post

How on earth do you hit a 7i with a crisp downward strike that only goes 10 yards?

You can tell a lot, but this actually is possible. A member at my local club ( now a pro in the USA ) in his college time ( he played for Virginia Tech ) he was practicing flop shots with 3 iron, and he actually pulled it off, it wasn't 10 yards but about 20. so it can be done. only your stands looks a little ugly

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I found out a way to deal with it. I bought one of those groove sharpeners and just sharpened away until I got tired of doing it. Now the ball is getting a lot of backspin of the club head

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