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What to do with these 1988 Ping Eye 2's?

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Hey all -


Just got back into golf after many years out and my father gave me his old Ping Eye 2's to use.  Now I didn't realize the history behind these clubs until he told me these were the "square groove" model and that someone once offered him $300.

Well I did some digging and ended up calling Ping to find out when they were made - which was May 1988.


Where this is all going - I wanted to see about having these clubs fitted to me...this before I knew the history of these clubs.

So I am asking what would you do with this set.  Would you get them restored (from Ping I guess?) and put them in storage/display

or go ahead and get them fitted for me (from Ping).


I am kind of torn.  I hear these things are collectible so I don't want to relearn on clubs that may be somewhat valuable.

I also can't go get a new set of clubs just for the sake of getting clubs.  The other older set I have are some cheap brand I have never heard of but will play with them if I need to until I can get the money for a new set.





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They sell pretty cheap on E-Bay, anywhere from $100 - $200 depending cn condition.  Since they were your dads, probably more sentimental value than dollar value.  I'd keep them as is and go find yourself a newer set that are fitted properly for you. 

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I'd play them. The 845s I currently use are the same vintage. I played Ping Eye 2 blue dot for years, still good clubs. But not that valuable and never will be. They made a bunch of them. It's amazing the old Ping's are worth what they are given the depreciation of used equipment. It's an indication of the quality not the rarity.

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Get them fitted locally for lie, grip size and play them! Maybe add some lead tape to the back on either the logo plate, or the cavity shelf, the club heads are too light for the shaft they installed into them back then. They shot for C-6 to 8 swing weights, I think the shaft loads better at D-3 to 5. They are a great club even now compared to the latest offerings by current manufacturers. The clubs will become 100% non-conforming in 2024, I can only hope I am still playing by that year. (my father in law asked me to get him a set in 1989 and he still plays them today, I hope to inherit them in the future, but no hurry, my father in law is one of the greatest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, much less having him as a family member for 27 years now).

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My brother finally just replaced his Eye 2s after 15 years. He loved those things, especially when their age became a convenient excuse when I'd kick his butt!
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Ahhh, the age old question. Is it the Indian or the Arrow?

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Originally Posted by Fyearoldgolfer View Post

Ahhh, the age old question. Is it the Indian or the Arrow?

The Indian or the bow?
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Play them.  I still do and I'm sure the clubs are 20 plus years old. 

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Clubs are meant to be played, use them.

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Originally Posted by MyrtleBeachGolf View Post

The Indian or the bow?

HA! This must be an age old saying that stuck the wrong way or something. My grandpa says this all the time, I try to correct him and he doesn't quite understand what I mean - he's getting old.


To elaborate on the obvious: "Indian or the arrow" would be more fitting if someone was questioning their choice/brand of ball.  Whereas "Indian or the bow" would fit the club brand/type/etc.


It's painful to me every time I hear Indian or the arrow.

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Change the grips get them fitted, when you are sure you are back in the game and can afford or decide to get new ones keep them as a keepsake. After all they are from your dad and can never be replaced.

Coming from a guy who did not have a dad they mean somthing and are worth more then any $$ amounts,

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There could be issues if the lies need to be adjusted. I'm not sure Ping would attempt to bend them considering the age of the clubs. At the very least I believe you would have to sign a release form. 17-4 stainless steel at 25 years can be quite brittle.
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