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Dynamic fitting myself??

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Well I have been kinda been doing some testing lately after the past few rounds.

Last year I went throught the ping fitting at a local golf shop. Got fitted for g20 in black dot standard with standard length and x stuff shafts...
Well those always tend to hit the ball to the right for me.

So I have been playing a friends set of g20s in standard lenght and stiff staft but green dot and the ball flight has been a tad to the right but not by much.... Usually just off the left of par 3 greens and approaches with 8-pw....

So I was thinking maybe just moving down a degree from the green dots and seeing how that helps my ball flight.

Thoughts please.
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X Stiff, unless you can generate a lot of club head speed will hit the ball to the right. Lie angle will also affect the ball. Too flat and the toe will dig in and the ball will go right. Too upright and the heel will dig in and the ball will go left. The shaft will have more impact than lie but it is best to get fitted and get the correct set up for both shaft and lie. Check out golfclubshaftreview.com for a swing speed fitting guide.

Good Luck

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Got fitted last year and I was fitted to x stiff shafts in my irons and driver and fairways. My driver speed hovers around the 120's give or take + or 2 mph. I want to say my iron speed was over or around 100 maybe a touch more. I'm 5'11, 230 lbs. and seem to generate a lot of club head speed thru shoulder and hip rotations. Even had on fitter say l need to hit long drive comps.

But I just didn't like the black dot. I hit the ball to the right all the time. So I tried my friends green dot and man I was nice to play on that side of the greens. I didn't change anything in my swings as I feel I have a consistent swing and swing path. But that's why I was thinking maybe come down to the 1.75* upright and that will fine tune the ball to a slight meaning a very slight draw.
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I expect you make divots deeper in the toe? Probably make contact just a bit thin at times, and have a hard time hitting off the ground?


I used to make toe down divots. I blamed everything from shaft droop to the lie angle to uneven tee boxes. Turned out to be a combo of slightly off setup position and way off impact position. Once I figured out I could hit anything from 2 up to 2 flat perfectly fine as long as I got my impact right, I started to suspect the importance placed on static lie angle. I do fit into 2 up, being tall without particularly long arms, but you're 5'9 and should stick with about standard unless you have long arms or your swing is very consistent. It's the last parameter you should use to adjust your ball flight, by the way. And that bit about the shafts affecting your flight is subjective. If your mechanics are correct, you'll hit playable shots with anything close to a fitted club.


If you raise or lower the handle, say, an inch at address, and return it there at impact, keeping everything the same, the sole is just as crooked or more as if the lie were 2 degrees off. So it doesn't matter what the lie angle is if you aren't delivering it properly. You can also find that rotating the clubface or moving the handle forward will affect lie angle at impact, especially with the driver. So delofting to get more distance and compression can also change the effective lie you see at address. The further off plane you get, the more it can require compensations to return to level. Just from having your hands an inch out of position, you get as big a difference as you would from bending the clubs. You'll notice this on balls above and below your feet and it's the same concept.


By the way, getting the lie angle perfect at impact is the best way to present the most loft to the ball possible. This will not only result in straighter shots, it's how people hit really high and powerful shots with low lofted clubs. I could hit 200 off a tee with my 5 iron, but it was a really low and sagging flight and needed to roll a bit; a combo of always hitting it a bit thin and not being able to get the delivered loft or angle of attack right. Now I hit my 5 iron 200 with a smooth swing, nice and high with plenty of hangtime and landing softly, and I can hit bombs with it another 20 yards off the deck if I wish. No change in swing speed, just better contact and more efficient impact.


Try squatting a tiny bit more and keeping your head level the same, placing the ball a slight bit farther from your body, and keeping the extension in your left arm and the wrist from cupping. Don't reach for the ball, but keep your weight centered from heel to toe. You want to shift your weight to the target as aggressively as you feel comfortable doing (not quite enough to compromise balance), and stay in sync.




Don't believe me? refer to this thread: http://thesandtrap.com/t/64131/effects-of-lie-angle-on-varying-degrees-of-loft

Good luck out there.

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With the standard lie I do tend to take a little toe down divot. But as the green dot I don't I have a smooth divot in front of the ball.

My wrist from floor measurement is 33" from floor at relaxed.

The ping isi copper irons I played before were black dot but I believe they were cut about an inch down for the shorter person that had them.
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I just measured he ping g15 5 iron and it measured standard lenght. I also pulled out a black mat and added a piece of electrical tape to the sole. My markings are right thru the center of the club
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I would show a pic of sole but can't post pic on phone. But I would be happy to send a pic so maybe y'all can see it
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Just so you know I am only 5'8" a pretty standard size guy, I would say and play yellow dot G25's. I stand a bit upright, on my X20"s I had a problem hitting the toe and could never figure out why very inconsistent this has fixed it with the up right adjustment. The tape will tell you a lot but also make sure you are warmed up..

One great thing about Ping is you can always get a tune up, when you send them in they change the color dot and keep a record of that change.

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