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My Swing (ColeMc)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ I've been swinging clubs since I was 14 BUT have only played three rounds in the last 13 or so years. Trying to take things a bit more seriously now!

My current handicap index or average score is: n/a

My typical ball flight is: High Fade

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Big old slice

Body Type: 6'4" - 225 lbs fairly athletic


Not the greatest video I know, I just got a mate to film it last time we played.  For reference, it was a 160 odd metre par 3, playing into the wind with the green above the tee box.  I'm pretty sure it was a 6 iron.  Kinda stunned me to see how fast/hard it seems I'm swinging the club, as this is something I've been trying to work on!


I've recently taken a couple of lessons, and the key things the instructor has me working on were/are reducing the back swing as I was going way past parallel.  But from this video I can see I've gotten a lot better with that.  But probably the main thing is my right arm/elbow was turning into a real chicken wing on the back swing so I've been really focusing on trying to keep it tucked in and have the elbow pointing to the ground at the top of the back swing.


I will get some better videos soon for people to make fun of, but figured no time like the present to post something and go from there!


Cheers in advance for your comments and advice. 



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Did your instructor talk to you about moving your head back in your back swing?  And then in the downswing you move back even farther and your head is back pretty far by impact.   That is the first thing I noticed.  Try to keep it in one spot.  That is easier to do if you allow you back leg to straighten a bit and your hips to rotate in the back swing as well.   It does look like he has you going in the right direction with the arms and elbows, some good work going on there, but that to me is not as important until you get the other stuff fixed.  A lot of potential, speed and athleticism in that swing you have just got to bring it out.  


A couple good threads for you:







edit:PS: The weight moving back is the reason for your slice.

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Yes, an the more direct reason why you're slicing is because you're scooping the ball. Trying to use the club as a scoop to flick it up, hence causing your head to sway very far back. Just try to hit the ball into the ground, imagine the club to be a hammer and all you need to do I squeeze the ball into the ground and it will lift off(:
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Looks to me like your wrist is not flat at the top of your backswing. Appears it might be bent in such a way that leaves the club open at the top. Might try to keep the wrist flat at the top and see if that helps. I'm looking at this on my phone so can't see too much, but that's what stuck out to me most--besides weight transfer.
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BIGGEST mistake in your swing right now is that your not shifting your weight from your backswing to your impact. At the backswing, you should put your weight on your right leg and as you go for the downswing, shift your weight and compress the ball into the ground making a divot infront of your ball. This way, you will have more distance. I dont see how your going to even hit over 130yards with that shot. Also turn your body more and go for that sexy finsh.

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Thanks everyone for the words of advice! A fair bit to work on, but I'll try to take it all on board!


Weight transfer and my little scooping action are a couple things I noticed myself while watching the video (which I've pretty much had on loop trying to analyse!) so it's good to have it confirmed independently that that's probably the root cause of a lot of problems. My instructor has mentioned the weight transfer as well, but advised to work on that longer term, with the short term goal of fixing the arms.


Can I ask, it seems my left arm is so straight through the back swing it's nearly actually bending the wrong way.  Do I need to loosen up a bit and give it a bit of flex?


Thanks again everyone, and I'll try and get faster frame rate videos next time as well!

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You might want to pause at the top for a bit. Make a count. 1, 2. Also, hit more down on the ball
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