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Originally Posted by Spyder View Post

I'm not starting a drug debate here, but you do realize that 16 Advils within the 3 hour period of time that you are talking about would likely cause you some serious issues and sickness -- especially if this type of behavior is repeated often.

I have 3 herniated discs in my back and low-grade Spondylolisthesis (12 years of football). For me, the Sciatica pain from the discs can't even be subsided with Oxy, Percs or Vics. Unfortunately, it's more or less stretching and trying to take OTC drugs that are not as potent so I don't damage my liver, because I love my beer as well.

Anyway, for anyone else with back pain (lower, mid, upper), I recommend trying Bayer Back and Body. Just read the label carefully to make sure you're able to take it. It also has caffeine in it as well, so be sure that you're not overly sensitive prior to trying it. This is the one and only drug that takes a slight edge off of my pain and it boggles my mind because it's no where near as potent as prescription pain meds.

EDIT: Not trying to derail the thread, though it seems that the OP already has their answer. I just know that many other golfers with pain will be reading so I wanted help the rest of the readers out if possible.

Totally agree.


Like my mom always said ... It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye OD's on painkillers.

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I do 800mg of Advil to help with my back pain especially when sciatica starts to flare up - usually just one dose a day and maybe 400mg at night if it's still painful. I also notice that liquigels take effect much quicker than normal capsules. 

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