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Originally Posted by saevel25 View Post


But your only thinking in terms of that business as an isolated entity. When in fact there are things like location, what are the prices of the other golf courses around them, are they looking for repeat customers. Is the price low enough that no matter what, someone will come out and play because all the other courses are packed. There's alot more to consider. Also consider this.


think of it this way, lets say they get 100 golfers in a day, that's 25 foursomes


For the $25 dollar model, you get $2500 dollars

So what would be the amount of people needed to reach $2500 dollars under the $34 dollar model, 74 golfers. 6.5 less foursomes. So unless they don't see a 26.5% drop in golfers, they will make more money under the $34 dollar model.


That's the beauty of math, you can up the value, as long as you don't see a larger percentage drop in customers as you do in the percentage increase in price, you will make more money.

Not true. In fact I mentioned competition in the passage you quoted. I understand the various decision making variables.


If there are few courses in the area they can get away with this policy which is a good business decision. I understand the math but personally if a course I played lowered conditions and raised rates that much, I'd stop playing unless there is no decent alternative which may be the case. We don't have a lot of information on this situation. It would be good if the course owner came out and said that this is needed to complete the renovations and that it's an investment towards a better golfing experience in the future.


I'm in the Metro Detroit area where there is no shortage of quality public golf. If a course did that here it would quickly go out of business.

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From your original stand point it sounded like the course was in bad shape, then raised it's rates. If it raised it rates, and let the course go to shit, then that is a different story. I don't know how long it takes to get a course in better condition, but i would hold judgement if they are using that money to improve the course. Even though it would be a nice for the owner to say why the rates were raised, i dont' see a problem of not explaining why.


Honestly, you don't know if they would go out of business or not. Some people would play golf just to play golf. Like i said, as long as they can meet the math, they are fine. Assuming they would get no business isn't possible.

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Another point that I don't believe has been mention is if the course after construction wants to charge $50 it does make sense to slowly raise the rates so regular and semi regular customers don't have a fit.  If I went to a course and I had to pay double what I was expecting I might leave or be very critical about how it wasn't twice as good as it was before but for an extra $9 or $16 I would go ahead and play and see what it was like.

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Originally Posted by Spyder View Post

... Now, the course is still under construction. It has been under construction for nearly 3 years. ...


... There are massive dips, craters and ruts in the path due to erosion and cheap materials used to lay it. ...


... There are still approximately 4 greens that have "Ground Under Repair" signs surrounding bare spots where the deer eat the grass, which has not changed in 3 years. If anything, the course is now worse because they are rebuilding 4 tee boxes ...


This sounds like a "do it yourself" operation, with too much reliance on luck and dreams rather than hiring skilled craftsmen.

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