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is Jack looking at the ball from the corner of his eye (I think he's left eye dominant) or behind the ball? I have a tendency to let my head/eye-line shift forward when my lower body shifts left. This past week in the middle of a round, I started to focus my eyes on a spot/area 2-3"'s behind the ball and my ball striking improved immediately. I tend to play the ball a little forward in my stance.  I thought I might start hitting some fat shots but that was not the case. By keeping my eye-line behind the ball, it forced me to keep my head and shoulders back longer. I think I also may have been less "ball conscience" and didn't have as much "hit impulse". Alternatively (or maybe additionally), maybe it made me release earlier and get the shaft lined up with the left arm more properly. I'm a little confused if this is something that may be relevant long term or just something that worked that day. Anyone else had a similar thought or experience?