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'that guy' (for me) comes in two flavors:


1. the 'Speed Golfer.' He's the guy out there putting in his time and trying to get home in 3.5 hours to keep out of the wife's doghouse.  Plays right up the arses of the group in front insisting, 'maybe they'll get the hint.'  Always racing to the next tee in hopes of 'playing through.'  Need to get home soon?  You probably picked that LAST activity for getting home quickly! 


2. the guy who sucks the fun and enjoyment from the game by acting like he's a much better player than he actually is.  "Spike mark knocked my putt off-line AGAIN!!!"  Complains about rough height, course conditions in general, speed of greens, bunker conditions, etc.  Relax.  Enjoy the outdoors.  Breathe in the fresh air.  Have another beer.  Most of all remember, this is supposed to be fun and you are RUINING it for the rest of us!!!



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For me, "that guy" is the slow player who doesn't play ready golf. Remains on the green after we've holed out, yammering about nonsense. If you want to know what I do for a living, ask me on the way to the next tee!

This really , really annoys me if we're holding up the groups behind us and "that guy" does not seem to notice.
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If you've never played with "that guy," you probably are "that guy."
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For me, "that guy" is the one that is out there trying to find something to do while he drinks for a few hours... I'm fine with people drinking a bit while they play golf but the guys who are just on the course to kill time while they get drunk irritate me.

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Lol I've been with "that guy" before. The guy who can't walk from the cart to the box without bringing his beer with him.
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I get "that guy" who always talks while I'm lining up for a swing. And during the walk to our next shots he is cracking out god-awful jokes that make me want to take him out with my pitching wedge.

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Guys who ask for advice are as bad as the guys who offer unsolicited advice imo. "That guy" for me is the guy who joins my threesome and before we even tee off on #1 wants to play for money. Invariably it is either some (younger or older) hustler or else some dumb butt cheater whose favorite club is a foot wedge and who can't count past 5. I hate an obnoxious single.

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The guy who, after I beat him by 15 shots, suggests how much better I would be if I played right-handed.


My usual response is "Be sure you tell Phil & Bubba that too."

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Naww, I have 4 scheduled rounds of 18 holes now, plus tons of members who I play with ff and on looking for a 4rth here and there.

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I may be that guy who doesn't talk a lot during the round.  I mean I won't be totally silent but if I don't know you I am not going to be cracking jokes and trying to start conversations.  I am there pretty much to play golf.

The last time out as a single I was paired with a guy who gave me advice.  The stuff he told me helped me out so I can't really complain.  I don't really mind it as long as it is not on every swing and they don't expect you to drop everything and work on their tips.


The key is getting to the course early enough so I can just be by myself.  Sometimes it is better that way.

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Naww, I have 4 scheduled rounds of 18 holes now, plus tons of members who I play with weekly, and often play 5-7 rounds of of 18 beteween the 3 courses (two memberships, the first a private 18 hole, perfect and great greens, the second a mid grade 18 and 9 with seperate tee sections to really make the 9hole feel like 18. all with good tees.) Season starts monday, and i've got a lot of goals.

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Originally Posted by jamo View Post

If you've never played with "that guy," you probably are "that guy."

I rarely, if ever, play with "that guy."  g2_eek.gif

Originally Posted by D-Man View Post

The swing I've created is due to having very messed up left shoulder.  I would say it's not to far off of a "normal" swing, because I've had people tell me I have a good looking swing.  I have to come more inside and keep my swing close to my body and I stay pain free, If I get outside of that and have a more traditional path to the ball, my shoulder feels like it's going to explode.


The situation goes like this.  I get paired up with a two or threesome and every now and then one of them is "that guy".  It usually starts out halfway/ 2/3rds down the front nine.  I have a normal round going a few bogies, a couple of pars, maybe a birdie if I'm lucky.  Then I'll totally 'F' up a drive and "that guy" will say something like, "you should play your driver up in your stance more." 


Awesome!  Thanks for the advice!  I've just watched you slice almost every single one of your tee shots, and I've waited for you to make triple or quadruple bogie on every single hole so far and you want to give me advice?  - Is what I want to say from the get go.  But I never do.  I usually just say I'll try that next time.


But when "that guy" insists on giving me advice, usually the third time I blow up and call him out.  He's usually the reason for the third shanked shot, because he's already pissed me off with the first two swing tips.  You haven't even made one par all day!!!  Why do you insist on giving me advice after I hit a few bad shots?  I don't even like unsolicited advice from players that are far better than me.  I don't give anyone advice that I don't know, unless they ask what I think.  I don't know what physical limitations anyone has, and I'm not a PGA instructor.  I don't even give my regular playing partners advice unless they are really struggling and it's because I see they are doing something totally different than I'm use to seeing them do.

I highlighted the two parts I think are the most relevant.  You explained to us in one paragraph (a paragraph that takes me less than 15 seconds to read out loud).  My question is, why seethe (sp?) through a piece of instruction you hate and don't want or need, repeated 3 times, then get pissed off, when you could, rather easily, tell him exactly what you just told us after the first time?  If he doesn't get the idea and still repeats it more, then by all means, "blow up."


I mean why are you allowing a guy ruin your day like that?  A guy who, mind you, is only trying to brighten your day, no matter how misguided?


I, myself, don't care for unsolicited advice either, but just simply smile and say thanks, and move on.  If it's repeated, I'd go with the advice already mentioned above and tell him I'll give it a shot next time on the range.


I don't ever give people advice while playing because 1) I don't really pay attention to strangers swings, and 2) I don't feel qualified.  Occasionally, though, if the right opportunity presents itself, I may slip a little.  Thursday, for example.  Guy I got paired up with was a 25-ish capper type guy who, after hitting a couple of bad shots, started voicing his frustrations out loud.  He complained about not understanding why he was alternately hitting it fat then thin then fat, etc, etc.  Well, based on that I knew there was a good chance that his biggest problem was not having his weight forward at impact.  Since he "asked" I decided it was OK for me to answer, but I still phrased it something like "I used to have a similar problem with fat and thin shots, and for me, it turned out that I didn't have my weight forward enough at impact.  The club was bottoming out behind the ball, so if I hit the ground it was a fat shot, and if I missed, I thinned it.  I'm not really certain if your issue is the same, but that could definitely be a possibility."  And that was the end of it.  (Not really advice, just my opinion of what may be one cause of his problem.  If he was interested in trying to solve it sometime, great.  If not, that's great too.)

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meh - I know my swing and what's right and wrong about it and already have a plan to work on it in it's own good time.  

and advice doesn't really hurt:   if it's wrong, I can tell.  if it's right, I can tell that too and don't mind the reminder


some people mean well, others are just talking out to be social or it makes them feel good about themselves.  I just assume they are the first.

If it's over the top, or just plain wrong, I thank them, let them know I understand what they are trying to tell me and let them know I'm working with a coach already and just steer the conversation around to something else.  

In the end, many are likely people that just want to be social and aren't in a comfort zone with introverted grumps and offering advice is one way to seem helpful and open the door a bit.


I'm more sociable, so I have a hard time with the non-talkers.  But it's not a big deal.  If they don't reciprocate early, I can play within myself.

It's a bit harder if i'm playing bad, I do like to talk about shots and training and regular stuff.

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Originally Posted by noSnowman View Post

Never appreciated? Did u read it...kid is actually a better player than me. His dad started them young.. his older brother shot s 63 in a tournament.
I think his older bro is 17.
In golf everone but you sees your problems. Did I say he thanked me? I played with him once before don't know his name but see him at the same track practicing.
He almost birdied the last three holes after I told him.
He hit it close on one hole the other 2 holes just a great putter. He will be in the 60'$ soon no doubt about it.

.I definitely don't give everyone advice! especially if I see no talent

Appreciated and appropriate do not mean the same thing.  I said that it is not appropriate.  The fact that in one case someone seems to have appreciated it does not make it appropriate.


For every person who might appreciate it there are going to be lots of lots of guys who resent it and consider you a jerk.  If you want to teach people how to play golf become a teaching pro.

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Originally Posted by jamo View Post

If you've never played with "that guy," you probably are "that guy."
a3_biggrin.gif: lol
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I only give my friends advice when they ask me about shots that I'm confident in hitting....mostly shots around the green.  Other than that, I keep my mouth shut about anything lol. 

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I'm left handed, so I've been playing for a while, realized how crap I was, had 4 or 5 lessons and now my game is slowly getting better. I played last weekend and won our comp day a3_biggrin.gif, yet I'm still getting advise from lots of people. Things like I think your grip is a bit to strong,or its a bit weak or just put your feet this way. I might go on a slice run for a couple of holes then ill get this advice, if you aim over this way your slice will bring you back to the middle of the fairway,or are you sure your going to be able to swing at that with that lie. I try not to get to flustered with all the "great" advice I get, but after a while ill say remember I'm left handed, OH yea I forgot about that so just do what I said to do but reverse it. It's about there that ill do my stack and tell them to keep their opinions and advice to themselves, as you've just had triple, double and some other crap score for the last 3 holes. I'm no expert but ill try and revert to my lessons and remeber what my coach ketp telling me and I seem to be able to regain my game. If I'm playing with someone at the club who is good, 3cap is the best here, ill listen to what they are saying/telling me. It has payed off in the past. I've gone from a 33 to a 26 now in 6 months so Im headed I the right direction. Now if I start to get advice from someone as soon as we start our round ill, say thanks but ill be right, saves me getting mad and losing focus on my game.But if guys want to have a chat and a bet, then I'm all for that,as I love to do both.
Rant over a1_smile.gif
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Yeah, there have been a few instances where I've been grouped with a threesome that has "that guy." Just the other day, was grouped with a random threesome, and I started off par, par, birdie. Sure enough, on the 4th tee box, my usual miss returned and I hit that big high fade (more like a mini-slice). The guy wearing his matching adidas+Taylormade outift, who had started off double, double, pick-up, piped up and told me I had dropped my knee. I'm not even sure what that means, but I simply acknowledged him, made a few practice swings (trying to look like I had picked my knee back up) and kept playing. Eventually he got so frustrated with his own poor play, and distracted with his cell phone, that he kept quiet. I just try to be nice about their attempt to help me and let it go. I typically know what I did wrong when I make a bad swing, and if their observation is consistent with one of my faults, I'll keep it in mind. But I refuse to let "that guy" ruin my round. 

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