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I may quit golf need advice quick.

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Well, I'm 14 years old. I have played golf for 2 years. I am playing terrible. Today, I hit 36 over on an 18 hole executive course. A week ago I hit 45 over on a regular course 18 holes. I just joined a country club and all my friends hit like only a few over. I am feeling really discouraged and looking for some serious help from anyone.

By the way, I can't afford too many clinics as my parents won't let me since its pricy.

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You joined a country club, but you can't afford lessons. Sounds like you have your priorities messed up.
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Well, I can't afford privates. Only group lessons
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Originally Posted by ilikefishes View Post

You joined a country club, but you can't afford lessons. Sounds like you have your priorities messed up.

I am guessing that his parents joined and do not want to shell out for lessons too.


And to the kid - be patient - if we all instantly became good at this game, it would have died centuries ago since we all strive to do better.


My friends have played a lot longer than I have and in theory they are better than me - but nothing beats beating them so they refuse to play with me again for months. (and nothing more humiliating than one of my regular playing partners now giving me a couple of strokes when he has only been playing 2 years)

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Don't quit. But no one can hand you a good game. Trust me, I know.....
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I am also, starting last week, going to the range practicing 2 hours a day.
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Pick your favorite club that you hit the best.....for me it's my 7 iron.  Take that club, a wedge and a putter and leave the other clubs behind.  Just go out, have fun and try to break 100.  It will clear your mind of all the other stuff.  If you don't have a "go to" club then you are best to pick your most consistent club and hit on the range until you are good with it.  If you won' pay for lessons, then you might just have to go through a series of trial and error techniques on the range to make your swing workable.   At your age, I don't suggest this though as you will develop bad habits that will take a lifetime to erase. 

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Originally Posted by KiwiX View Post

Well, I can't afford privates. Only group lessons


So do the group lessons, practice, and be patient.

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I played when I was your age and quit at about 14.  I wish I hadn't.  I missed a lot of years I could have been playing, but it has to be something you want to do.  Here's what I'd suggest:


1) As you are playing pay special attention to what things are giving you trouble, and what you seem to do pretty well.  The stuff that's giving you trouble is where you should focus during practice and what you should try to get into a lesson clinic for.  Since you can't just take all the lessons you might want, make sure you take lessons for things you need the most help with.


2) Don't just bang balls down the driving range!  Always have a target.  Picking a target like a tree at the back of the range to shoot at with your driver is okay, but also pick stuff closer to see how close you can get with a 7 iron, same as going for the flagstick on a green.  It isn't all about distance.  And when you miss, pay attention to how you missed.  Was it left, right, way short?  If you are paying attention you will soon see the pattern and can work to change it.


3) Don't forget to practice putting, chipping, putting, pitching, putting and more putting.  Putts count the same as drives, and time spent around that practice green will shave more strokes off your score than time spent with a driver.  Take two or three balls, start off the green and either pitch or chip, then go putt them on in.  Not using too many balls and going ahead and putting out gives each of those chip shots a consequence, as well as giving you putting practice.  Then scatter the balls 3, 4, 5 feet or so from the cup and putt 'em in again before moving back off the green.  I don't think it is possible to practice those putts enough.  Missing a 4 footer hurts SO much.


Good luck!

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Originally Posted by KiwiX View Post

Well, I can't afford privates. Only group lessons




That's okay, your folks are paying for you to get group lessons. Can't beat that. Take advantage of the lessons and then put in the practice time to improve your game. Don't just beat balls at the range! Have focus and a target on each shot. If you put in the effort the results will take care of themselves. I didn't start seriously playing golf until a year ago and now I am 24, I wish I had started much earlier. Take advantage of the opportunities you have and enjoy having the freedom to practice/play that being 14 gives you. Commit to the process of getting better and take pride in improving.


One other point...HAVE FUN! You're still a kid. Golf is not your full time job so don't be so hard on yourself. Just enjoy being able to play with your friends and practice when you want. Don't quit the game though. Golf is too much fun to give up. Good luck.

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First question to ask yourself is "frustration aside, do I enjoy golf?".  If the answer is yes, please don't compare yourself to others yet. See my thread in this forum titled "A tale of two rounds" and you'll see that I made great strides by finding what I needed to improve and practicing that.  And, I didn't start taking this game up in earnest until last year -- at age 48!  At your age you can probably improve even faster. 

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You gave us 2 recent scores, but I'd be interested to hear if it was any better than that over the last 2 years.  If so, I think you will come back around - especially with all that practice and the group clinics.  I've been playing for 2 years myself - although I'm in my 40s - and if I've learned one thing, it is that the swing comes and goes.  Every time I'm brimming with confidence coming off a few good rounds - 102 here I come.  And just when it seems like I'll never play good again - I get a surprise 89. 


Also - if you have a group of 14 year old friens who all play just a few over, that is a heck of a group of young golfers!  I don't know if you can compare yourself to that.  I think most golfers shoot around 100 on average.

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Given the limited info you provided, that you're 14 & you gave us two recent scores, the only advice I can give you you've already received. Be patient. This is a hard game.

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