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Shaft question?

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I currently play a Cobra Speed LD F driver with the stock stiff shaft in it. Last summer i demoed a Rocketballz driver for a few rounds and hit it great. It had the R11s shaft in it which would be a RIP phenom 60.  My question is, if i would select a shaft with similar specs to the RIP phenom 60 will i get the same results?


I am looking to get a new driver, primarily either a Rocketballz or the Titleist 913.  The shafts i am looking at to put in them are the following:


Rocketballz with a Graphite Design DI 7 shaft

913 with a Graphite Design DI 7 shaft  OR  Graphite design BB 6 shaft.


According to Titleist fitting chart all of the shafts (DI 6, BB 6, and RIP phenom 60) have similar launch and spin descriptions.


Also, The current shaft in my driver is 63 grams. what will going to a 70ish gram shaft do?

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can anybody help me out?  I do not want to order a shaft that won't work out well.  

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Those are great shafts -- GD shafts are known for smoothness and consistency. Tiger plays a DI something.


The 70g will increase your swingweight, but with Titleist you can install a lighter weight in the head to balance SW if it is slightly heavy for you.


Titleist also has a graph in their product catalog showing spin and launch as compared to other shafts - but you may have seen it.

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Any chance you can get on a launch monitor and test some of the shafts out? Not sure if Titleist fitting cart comes with Graphite Design shafts, however.


Product charts can help you narrow down the field, but it's best to hit the shaft before you buy it.

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No I do not have access to a launch monitor. In fear of ordering something that doesn't work well for me i will test out everything i have access too and  decide from there.   I am leaning toward RBZ or 913 though.  I will hit Cobra Amp, Ping g25, and R1 as well though.

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