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Hey guys and gals


How is everyone today?


Just a quick question about your divots.


What direction does your divot point after your shot?


Mine point way to left. If I am aiming and the target line the divot would point maybe to a 30-45 degree to that line.


The ball travels straight but which means the club face must be way open through impact.


Any tips or drills to work on straightening out the divot and keeping the clubface more neutral through impact?


Look forward to your response :D 

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Why would you want to change it if you have found out how to reliably hit the ball straight?  So long as you are striking the ball solidly and not getting a glancing strike I would play it.


By the way your divot should point left of target on a straight flying shot with an iron.  The ballflight and quality of impact is what you should be monitoring.

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Ok. The reason I want to fix this because I reckon I'am losing 2 clubs or so worth if distance because of the face the face is open during contact.

Everyone else I play with, their divots point straight down the target line, or near enough, and they hit a lot further than me.

This divot pointing left issue has only starting happening in the last 6 months or so and the distance I have lost is huge because of it I reckon.

When I do get the ball traveling in the same direction as the divot points, usually when I hook it, the ball travels 30-40 yards further than normal.
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