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links golf

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got to play a game of  real links golf.i was up in north west ireland .it was a place called murveagh where the Donegal g, c, is situated.normal links conditions ,windy and a hint of rain.i had to borrow aset of clubs ,and to my surprise/shock they were wilson FAT SHAFTS and a big beartha 9 degree driver.it was like hitting a stick with the irons.not making an excuse for my play this is1 of the best courses i have played in years.a mighty challange.i managed 7 pars and only 1 lost golf ball.i got 32 stableford pts.

i cant wait to play again with my own clubs;if you aer ever up that neck of the woods its well worth a go.

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I started golfing nearly 3 years back and decided to get a cheaper starter set rather than keep renting rubbish sets. Ended up with some Wilsons that cost USD300 for everything (bag, driver, 3w, 5w, 3h, 4h, 5i through PW, putter. I figured if I decided it wasnt' for me I wouldn't have wasted a lot of money (also I had no idea what I really needed).


3 years later and I'm more hooked than ever, play once sometimes twice a week, practice twice a week, even more on holidays.


I've slowly upgraded everything except the irons, which are WIlson Fat Shafts...


Every time I decide I'm ready to trade up I'll have a great round, so I recant. Then a few rubbish rounds later and I'm sniffing around for prices again.


I guess I'm pretty grooved on the Fat Shafts but I like them.


Although maybe one day I'll buy those Rocketbladez or G20s...


PS Otherwise I totally agree with you; links courses are fantastic fun.

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Don,t get me wrong,i had some good shots with the irons but they just felt like I had a broom handle with a club head on them.

they were just to rigid for me.

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Glad you enjoyed Scottish links, they are a wonderful experience.
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Good to know that there is a new links fan.

I hated it when I first played links but grew to like them more than resort style courses over time.

Approaching the green demand a different way of playing and I find it more challenging overall.
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Links courses are very different.  I played one for the first time this week and it kicked my butt.  It felt more like work than fun, wasn't a single hole you could let your guard down and relax on.  It also didn't help that the wind was blowing about 30 mph and the rough was about 6" high and thick. 

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One of the reasons the Scots are so damn good hitting bump 'n' run shots.

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I was playing my game in the north west of Ireland.There are so many top links courses in Ireland. Every day you play its a top challenge.Has anyone played THE European Club in Brittas Bay .It has to be one of most difficult courses in world.no kidding

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Quick story…


I played in Scotland last year and I'm not sure I hit five wedges in six rounds of golf. I hit 6-irons from 160 yards that flew 80 yards, I hit 8-irons that flew 90 yards and rolled another 60, it was GREAT. I loved seeing the ball dip and dive. You'd lose sight of it in a valley in a fairway for a second or two, and then it'd come rolling back up the hill on the far side a moment later.


My caddie at the Old Course kept trying to get me to play typical golf shots for about six holes, then he saw that I was both having fun and was pretty darn good at it, so he just started telling me the yardages and then letting me know if there was a hidden bunker or how the slopes would push or pull my ball.


Can't play that kind of golf anywhere else in the world, really - maybe Bandon, maybe Streamsong, etc.

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