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Advice on a beginner's set

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I'm looking for some advice on a new set of clubs for a "semi-beginner". I'm coming back to the game after 3-4years. I was shooting closer to par (easy/intermediate course) last time i played, just looking to hit straight most of the time.
I'm in need of a new set as my last was a ladies set i used as a junior (wilson 11piece set), but have much out grown it.
I'm looking for a starter set, but am also hoping it will last some time. However being taller than average, 6'4, and left handed makes it more difficult.
Currently I'm looking at getting an Adams Tight lies complete set, as it seems to be a good value for a complete set that is also a name brand, and having the clubs extended as they do not make a +1 LH set. My only gripe about this is that I have read some negative thoughts about having clubs extended.
Other options would be trying to piece together a starter set from used clubs online.  I haven't come across any longer than standard used clubs, so I would probably need to extend any used ones I get as well. Or maybe getting a cheaper new iron set from a golf shop that can hopefully be ordered in the correct length, and then adding on some used clubs to complete it.
I'm not looking to spend much more than ~$500, and the last thing I would want to do is to be practicing using unfit clubs (in terms of length).
I would love to hear about your thoughts on extensions as well If anyone has experience using them.
Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Do you want that many Hybrids?  


That is my only real beef with the Adams sets.  Would prefer irons up to at least 5.


Not sure about extensions.... clubbuilders claim its ok... you have to adjust the lie as well... my experience with extensions was poor...

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An often unthought of option is Golfworks.  The KE4 range are quite nice and come in left handed.  They will build to your specs and you can order whatever shaft you want.  They assemble a set for $40.  You could get Driver, 5 W Fairway, Hybrid, Irons and Putter for around $500 this way if you stuck to shafts like Axe (very good reputation) graphite and FST steel.

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Thanks for your input solarbear,


I actually didn't think about the hybrids. My last set was 4-SW irons and 3W 5W D. I think I was able to hit at least from my 5 iron down decently. I'm not sure how having a 4h and 5h as opposed to irons would be for a beginner like myself. In fact, I actually have never hit a hybrid before.


As for extensions, was your experience poor because you didn't like the feel of the added length? Or do extensions change the swing mechanics of the club differently than a club of the same longer length but with no extension (ie. longer shaft vs regular shaft with extension). I don't have much knowledge but I feel like a club shaft with and extension shouldn't flex the same as one with a longer shaft without and extension. Which is why I'm a little worrisome about getting extensions, but getting clubs with a correct shaft length will probably be out of my budget.

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My experience was poor because the fitting did not suit me.  I guess with the swing I had at the time +1" might have made some sense.  But it made zero sense based on the fact almost every good shot I'd hit I'd choke up.  After some practice and a different fitter, I was found to need -1/2".

So my experience, which was rather unique, was not good.  I realise this is not the norm and hoped someone else could fill you in better.

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