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What club would you grab if someone was robbing you? - Page 2

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I would use a boomerang from my utility belt because I am Batman!

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d2_doh.gif Oh no I see where this is headed. I'll be back in a bit to move this thread to the Grill Room.

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4-iron, no question.

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I thought the OP's question began with "What golf club...?"

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SW or PW. I can't hit a frickin' stationary ball with a 3 or 4 iron so a moving person will be a good whiff. 

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It's gotta be my Vokey 52 degree. Steel shaft, heavy head, good non-slip Winn grip etc...plus I wouldn't want to snap my graphite shafted middle irons should I miss hit the guy's thick head.

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I guess I'm not that into golf, I keep my clubs on the back porch, not in my bedroom.


But I do carry an old 3 iron in my bag, I call it my "snake wedge".

I carry it when I'm looking for my ball and know chances are good

at seeing something that might bite.


I guess some of you guys in Florida might need a "gator wedge", my

old 3 iron wouldn't work well for that.


So in conclusion "old 3 iron" Good for weed whacking, but poor for

large reptile and home defense...


Old adage comes to mind, "right tool for the job" and all that.

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Well the OP did say golf club, so maybe one of the shafts i have replaced that I use for alignment sticks. I think you could hurt someone like that. I've been thinking of just pouring some lead in the end and making a sort of baton. If I deviate with some other like minds on here, I will say 12 ga.
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I started this thread mainly because I was hearing that story on the news of this 70 year old man beating the living shite out of this guy who broke into his house locked and loaded with the intention to kill. I will say though, the responses have been pretty staggered; I was expecting everyone to be for PW, SW and even putters. Nope, we got some gun deliberation, woods, drivers, etc. Keep up the responding!

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Originally Posted by jakepalm View Post

Say you are at home and your house gets broken into and you are being robbed; and while looking for your defensive weapon, the first group of blunt objects you see is your golf bag. What specific club would you pull out and arm yourself with in this situation?


I'd use my wife's pitching wedge. (Why should I ruin mine?)

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If I had no choice but a golf club to defend myself with I'd take the heaviest one.  In my case that is a L-Wedge.  But I keep my clubs in the garage and so it is unlikely that would be my choice of defensive weapons. 

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I'd have to agree with others that my gun would be the first thing I went for, but if a golf club selection is in order (my clubs sit about 3 feet from my bed) I'd probably choose one of the wedges. 

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My putter... Easily the most deadly club any of us have...
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Side note, I did play golf once with a guy who was packing because he heard there were bears!
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Originally Posted by indyvai View Post

My putter... Easily the most deadly club any of us have...

My putter is too valuable to me to risk hahaha

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For those of you thinking a golf club is not effective, you should look up the story about a guy who tried to hold up a golfer at knife point (Please, please... do not tell me how much more effective a gun is. Common sense would tell anyone that it is).

The end result was the knife wielding robber ending up being taken to the hospital by ambulance after being struck in the side of the head by a 7i (yes, the story specifically said it was a 7 iron). The picture displays what the guy's head looked like... and all I will say, without being too graphic, is that this guy was basically scalped and needed some 50 staples and countless stitches to fix him up, pre-coma that it is.....

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I'd use what ever Elin used.
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