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I haven't had anything really embarrassing in golf yet besides missing a 2 foot putt. However, the first time I ever disc golfed I threw the disc backwards.....yeah don't ask me how it's possible....but apparently it is. 

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This may be the wrong thread for this post. This is funny.....not so much embarrassing.   I've been "HAD" by the exploding ball trick!  The funny thing is these balls don't even look real if you even look at it briefly, but my dad got me.  Events fell perfectly into place to allow the trick to work.  Keep in mind, I was an adult when this happened...it's not like he tricked me as a child.  LOL


lets set the stage:  we are on the first tee

My group was either on deck or in the hole when the marshal waved us up and said we can have the tee now if we are ready to go. (apparently the groups in front of us weren't ready)  My dad jumped into action. We had just arrived at the first tee and I was still tying my shoes and getting my "sh!t together" when he runs over and says..."we've got the tee...we need to go now!" I still don't have a ball or tees ready and he pulls me onto the tee.   I never touched the ball...... my dad teed a ball for me and says......."c'mon..just hit...lets go!".........in the heat and excitement of the moment, that is exactly what I did!!   .............and POOOOF!!!  The ball exploded into a big cloud of white smoke.  It was the funniest damn thing......and there was a nice crowd present to witness it and everyone had a good laugh..  Hahaha..

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