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Greetings from Iowa

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hello all -- new to the forum, i'm Bob from Iowa.  been playing golf on and off throughout my life, more often in recent years but this is the first year i'll really be playing on a consistent basis.  joined a league with some buddies and looking forward to picking up my game a bit -- at the moment i couldn't be happier with my iron play, but pitching has been problematic so far this season, and while my putting started out fantastic i've lost my touch over the last few weeks.  my woods are currently in a timeout!!


in terms of the pros, i actively cheer for Tiger and Graeme McDowell.  grew up liking Couples and Lehman.  personally, i'm not a fan of Mickelson or McIlroy  a3_biggrin.gif


outside of golf, i work with music/audio in several capacities, love to BBQ (just got a new smoker earlier in the spring), and my wife and i have a newborn on the way in July!!


happy to be aboard.



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Welcome aboard.


Iowa Bob was one of my favorite John Irving characters.


If you are about to have your first child I recommend you get A LOT of sleep or do A LOT of partying because those are two things that are about to be in very short supply my friend!

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ha, thanks man!!  yes, it will be our first -- we anticipated as much, so while my wife is eating for two, i'm drinking for two c2_beer.gif

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Welcome to TST! c2_beer.gif

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