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Biggest Handicap differential you have even beaten or been beaten by straight up.

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Me and my best friend are about 10-15 apart in the handicap.  At the end of last year I was playing to around a 13 ( I'm not quite to that form yet) and my friend plays to almost a 30.  Today he beat me straight up by one stroke. (Technically he played an OB as lateral on #8, but I played so bad that he should have had a chance to beat me.)


Anyone have a huge differential that they overcame or gave away for that matter.  I shot an 84 one time playing off about a 28-30 so it is possible for these kind of things to happen.

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My handicap is currently a 6.  But in our men's league in April, I was playing to a 5 course handicap.  In our year end Jamboree tournament, the guy I played against was a 10 handicap in the league.  I shot an Gross 82 and he shot a Gross 76.  That was a pretty big upset considering the tournament pressure/rules.  His Net 66 was the 2nd lowest score for the day... Some other guy had a Net 65.  

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 I played in a mens association event once when a legit 20+HC player shot 80.  It was a dream round for him.....he chipped-in......and holed multiple bombs on the putting green to do so..  It was his dream round......and everybody in his company appreciated it.  it was something special.....This guy was no sandbagger and was having the round of his life.


This is a guy who 'honestly' averaged around 96......and he posted a legit 80 during a tourney.  It was a senior golfer who never broke 80 in his life after playing golf for 50+years....and he had a chance on this day!!......he came up short.

He didn't beat me that day, but that's besides the point.  He had a historic round and it should be recognized as such!! 

His net score for the day was net 50'something...........and he earned it!!

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Club competition early this year i played about an 8 hdc at that moment, was paired against a 4 hdc, single matchplay

I had a rough day with my woods ( hooking ) in the morning foursomes. I gave it a try with the woods in the single but after hooking 3 and lost 3 holes, came trough the turn 4 down, i went with 3 iron as my driving iron. I was ripping them, getting a strong ball flight with a gentle draw on it. after making 3 pars 2 birds the match was square again.

I more than ones hit the 3 iron past his driver, guy got crazy about it and i won on 18. Damn was that guy mad.

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Just last week a guy at my club shot 83 off a 26 handicap. He is a genuine 26-30 hdcp but just had one of those crazy days. He even shot 39 on the back 9. He has a pretty solid game off the tee but his irons and short game are pretty average. He is one of the worst putters I have ever seen. Last year I was playing with him and he had a legit 6 putt. Just one of those days you have to laugh about. I bet this week he will shoot 110.

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One of the guys I play regularly with is an 8 handicap.  My handicap is coming down but last year it was at least a 24 when I bet him straight up in a 9 hole match.  It was the worst I have ever seen him play and I was playing at my best.  I was +9 for 9 holes and he was +11. 


Interestingly, this guy never reads golf tips or articles, etc.  He is just pretty good and never works on his game.  However, on the day I beat him, he mentioned he read a tip in Golf Digest that had interested him (can't remember what it was exactly).  He got over it pretty quick and proceeded to beat my brains out the rest of the summer. 

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I've had to give upwards of 12-15 strokes for 9 holes. That was fun. Basically our format is a combination of match and stroke play. You get 2 points for winning net, and 1 point for each hole won. So the player would get 1 stroke for each of the 9 holes, but all of his handicap for the net score.

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I played a match against a 32 when I was a 10.  That's giving him 22 strokes.  We took the match to the 18th hole with him 1 up, and halved the last hole, his 6 (net 5) to my natural 5.  It's tough to start a match in a good place mentally when you are 22 strokes down on the first tee, no matter that you know you are a much better player than he is.  I felt just about as good about that loss as I've ever felt about a win.  


I've won a couple of matches giving 14-18 strokes too.  I closed out a match 3 years ago on the 12th hole, playing against a 27 to my 13 (giving 14 strokes).  That was the most lopsided match I ever played.

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