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I need your help!

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Hello Dear Golfers,

My name is Agne and I am a student at University College of Northern Denmark;I am studying graphic design. At the moment I am working on my final project, which is in fact related to golf! Unfortunately I don't have any friends golfers, who would give me advices on my product. So I am willing that there are some friendly and willing to help personalities in this forum.

Here is the link with the picture of website template for golf equipment. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/42224303/untitled%20folder/website.png

Please tell me whenever comes to your mind about the logotype and the website itself. I would appreciate any input. Thank you in advance and good luck on improving your strokes!

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Unusual colour scheme but I kinda like it. What if the black and white images were to switch to colour when you scroll over them? Something to brighten it up a bit. I dunno, looks good but might be a tad drab.

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Hi Agne,


Can I ask first what the aim of the website is? Is it for a brand or a web store? I'm afraid I can't read Danish, so not sure what the website is looking to get across to the user. 


The design is nice and definitely very modern. 

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This website is for the main product of Ingo Golf- an application supported by GPS system that records your game, you have probably heard about similar apps, except this one allows you to record your game in fully automated way, you do not need to type anything to your smart phone. You have microchips attached to your golf club grips and the program knows which club you use and counts the scores. After the game you receive some videos with suggestions what you might improve. Intended target audience is in the age interval 25-35. My task is to brand the company and create an effective and attractive visual identity. 

Some suggestions what you could notice:

What associations do you get from the logo?

Are the colors too distant for you or are they intriguing?

Does the website seem exclusive or too odd?

Thank you again for your help, I am so happy that received your replies.

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I think as a brand the logo looks quite good. It's in your face and will definitely leave an impression. Colour scheme isn't too garish and is quite chilled, but modern at the same time. 


It is a nice website, but in terms of a marketing a product, I don't know if it does its job. I think you need to incorporate some sort of technological aspect. Like perhaps include graphics of the devices it supports. 


Perhaps take some inspiration from these? 



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Thank you a lot for your detailed opinion and suggestions, it really made me thinking. I would like to include some pictures of their technology, but unfortunately, they're still in prototyping stage. 

And this website is a nice source of inspiration!

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