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Whats in your Bag?

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Ok, so I have been having some trouble deciding if I should keep all three of my wedges in the bag (52,56,60) and leave my 3-iron out, or buy two new ones (52 and 58) and put my 3-iorn back in. I hit a pretty big ball and found that the extra wedge in my bag, when hitting approach shots, can really save me on in between yardages. Whats your thoughts and whats in your bag??



Driver - 9° Adams, stiff flex ( 290* yards)

3 Wood - 15° Callaway X (270* yards)

Utility - 21° Cobra (255* yards)

Irons - Mizuno MP 60: 3-9, pw (5 iron, 210* yards) 

Wedges - Titleist 52°, 56°, 58° (56°, 100* yards)

Putter - never compromise 

*all yardages are carry distances

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I would suggest playing a few rounds with 15 clubs and find out witch ones you use more during each round and every time you use one of the clubs your thinking about taking out, figure out if there is another way to hit that shot if you didn't have that club. I'm sure your answer will soon follow. Myself personally I would rather have a gap in the long end of my bag then the short end, that's just me though and I'm no pro. Hope this helps.
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