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Ok so is there much difference between sm4 and sm2 wedges? Besides sm2 being 40$ cheaper? Or any other wedges that aren't any more than 120$? I have a big trusty rusty that I use all the time 60* but am becoming a low handicapper and am starting to find it ugly. Thanks
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The difference is really only significant from the rough.  Even Vokey would admit to that.  Spin from the fairway is about the same.  That being said, I think the SM4 is the only one where they have heat treated the face to keep the grooves sharper longer.

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I've used an SM4 60-10 since they came out as my practice club - in the sand, practice green, range -- as stated above, they have treated it for durability. The grooves are lasting .. which was a major complaint with the SM2

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