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My Swing (peaco1de)

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I've been Playing Golf for 10 years.  Last year, I scored pretty inconsistently but still had a handicap of around 4.  I've consistently hit a lower draw for the last couple of years.  Living in Michigan, I take the several months off every winter.  I got my clubs out of storage as soon as the snow melted this year, and I have yet to break 85.  My ball flight has changed dramatically; I've been hitting a very high pull hook and a weak flare to the right with nothing in between.  My divot is pointing slightly right of the target.  I've also lost almost all of my distance.  I have averaged about 280 off of the tee the last couple of years, but this year my average is about 230.  I've lost 10-15 yards off of all of my irons as well.  I have never had this issue before and have no idea how to fix it.  Any help would be appreciated.  I've attached back and side views of both driver and 6-iron.  Also attached are slow motion versions of each video.  I'm completely self-taught and recognize that there are a lot of moving parts in my swing, but that's never led to problems this drastic.  Hopefully you guys can help!  Thank you!









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Your club path is almost certainly too far to the right (i.e. too much in-to-out). When you get the club face a little bit too closed you get the pull hook and when you leave it a little bit too open you get the big push.


There are a few things going on in your swing to cause this. In the backswing, your right elbow is getting too far behind your body, which is allowing your arms to run on too far and your shoulders to over rotate, as shown below.





This has the effect of shifting your eye line to the right (see how you're straining to keep the ball in view out of the very corner of your left eye?), which in turn tends to shift your path out to the right.


In the downswing, your right knee is also kicking in early and excessively, which makes it hard for you to keep your inclination (spine angle) and will further promote a rightward path.





Here are a couple of videos that will help you understand what is going on:




Search for Beachcomber's "My Swing" thread here on the forum, too. You'll get a lot out of his experiences because your pattern is quite similar. 

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That was a great answer. Thank you a ton! Two small buckets of balls later, my distance is back and my ball striking is as good as ever. I spent a whole season working on my right elbow a couple years ago and must have reverted to very old habits this year. Now I just have to work on the driver. I've never really been able to hit it. The last couple of years I've actually taken to closing the face a degree or two and strengthening my grip to guarantee the hook instead of the block slice. Then I just aim 30-40 yards right. I'll post a video later, and maybe someone will be able to help. Thanks again for your help!
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What shaft are you playing? Looks like it's a little bit too flexible.
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Not sure if serious?


(Insert Joker meme here.)


It's an artifact of the rolling shutter on the camera.

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Originally Posted by tmac20 View Post

What shaft are you playing? Looks like it's a little bit too flexible.



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Well, I feel like an idiot now...
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Peaco, one thing that helps me get some extra distance is opening the left foot a bit. When your front foot is square it limits the ammount of turn you can get and you already have a good ammount so if you go to the range try opening it a few degrees and see if that helps you get through the ball with more distance.

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