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Ping g15 driver!!

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Hi i have a 9 degree ping g15 driver with a stiff stock shaft and my swing speed hovers around85-90 mph and i the ball has just been ballooning up the air. Please help should i change to a regular shaft or should i change the loft or what else should i do.Thanks!!

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Ya I would try to adjust the loft, to like 8 degrees or something first, before you mess with the shaft.

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i would get more weight forward at impact and tee it alittle lower, but mine go low and high a1_smile.gif so not best guy to advise 

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I have been using a G15 driver for about a year now. It is 10.5 loft with a G20 Tour Reg shaft that the guy I bought it off of had put in. My swing speed is the same as yours and I can hit about 220 with the driver. I had heard that the Ping G15 was a "high hitter" before I got mine, and I thought the G20 shaft would bring it down a bit. I have compared it to another G15 with stock reg shaft and I would say my drive is a bit lower. All in all, I like the trajectory. I think changing shafts would be easier than changing lofts. Plenty of shafts to choose from with a lower launch than what you have now. I've heard that Pings are notorious about fudging a bit on the lofts of their drivers.

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What, no. First of all do not change to an 8 degree thinking it'll band aid it.  Though loft does have a role in how high the ball goes, a ballooning trajectory can be a different story. 


If you're using a stiff flex, going to a regular will not solve the problem either.  If anything, it may go even higher because of the softer tip.


You may not like to hear it, but it could be something basic in your swing or something as simple as tee height or ball position.


How is it ballooning?  Does it just start off high right off the bat, or does it start off good and then climbs almost vertically?  Are the tendencies more of a left or right?  Can't say for sure but two common things are you're either coming in too steep, or leaving the face a little open on impact causing more backspin.  But before you go and do anything to your equipment without knowing what the issue is, I would head to a store with a launch monitor.  Bring your own driver and say you want to hit it against other ones, they should have no issues letting you do that.  Look at your initial launch numbers, amount of spin, and initial path in degrees.  That will tell you a lot more than just guess if its the shaft or loft. 

If anything, most will agree that a 9 degree loft is considered too low for your swing speed. 

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I have a 10.5 G15 and put a stiff Aldila NV (green shaft) shaft in it. It has helped to lower the trajectory when I hit it well. Definitely check out some different combinations on a launch monitor before you make a change. The shaft change worked for me.
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I just ordered a new "in the original packaging" G15 10.5 degree Driver with the regular Ping Shaft.  I have been smitten with the Ping G5 9 degree for a few years but the face of the club is developing a crack (I only have an 85-90SS) and it is only a matter of time before it opens.  I have been having problems this season not getting enough height and the propoganda for the club states a high trajectory, plus the 10.5 degree should help.


Has anyone made a similar shift from the G5 to the G15, and if so, what was your experience?>

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I use a Ping G15 driver with 10.5 loft. Originally was having problems pulling the ball and like most golfers was trying to make adjustments to stop it. I was looking into what could be the problem including the length of the shaft and whether or not I should shift to graphite, loft, club head size, weight and basically everything. The problem with the driver really stopped when I changed the grip and what a difference. The Winn Dri-Tac grip ($7) really helped because the size of the grip helped prevent me from rolling the top wrist too quick which was a big cause of the pull. Still using the Ping regular grip which works well for the wedges but if you are having problems with the G15 driver take a look at the grip which can be a real inexpensive solution.

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