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hip turn

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i have this major problem of pushing my hips as i start my downswing.I have absolutely no hip turn on my followthrough and plus no arm extension as my arms pull in after impact and my feeling at impact is really bad.my lower body turn is just not in my control.i literally jump at impact in.order to turn ahead.urgent help requit
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For your hip turn, try something I saw on "The Golf Fix'. Imagine a swim noodle going through both hips, and sticking out both of your sides . Now when you start your swing imagine that you're turning the swim noodle counter clockwise, if you're right handed .


 For your arms pulling in, try something a golf instructor had me do. Swing with your arms in a coat hanger. Make sure you have the coat hanger, with the hook end turned down. Its not the most comfortable drill , but it will stop you from pulling your arms in. 



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@ralphs07 tried your swim noodle tip and it worked really well..now i am drawing the ball instead of fading and pusing
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