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Because when I have my club ready and know my shot selection, my shoes are tied, the cart is parked and my clubs and balls are clean, I hydrate and refill my water bottle, I check my yardage and wind, update my scorecard, and the group ahead of us is still on the green for 10 more minutes (this goes on nearly every hole), I can always eat a granola bar or some trail mix.


Keep the blood sugar and electrolytes up, especially through 18 holes. Fitness and diet and hydration don't matter in the first 6 holes or so, but can easily make a 10 stroke difference on the back 9. This is why I usually beat my partners in matches; I keep my focus on the back 9 and go Tiger Woods on them while they start to lose focus and get sloppy. There's nothing like hitting a 300 yard drive on 18 to intimidate a tired opponent who's already lost ground. Plus if you get into trouble you can still be aggressive, and have your full arsenal while they are desperate for you to go down easily because they know there's nothing in the tank. This goes double if they take 90+ strokes to get around, taking all those shots can wear out the core and legs and force them to generate power in bad ways.


I don't like to eat a big fattening breakfast, maybe a piece of fruit or some yogurt and some coffee. Even then I'm forcing myself to eat. I have absolutely no appetite for about 2 hours after I get up. Then I eat most of my protein afterwards.

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I once had hot wings delivered to me on the 11th hole, but that was just the chef trying to make it up to me because the restaurant was going to be closed after my round due to an outside event.


Normally I have a package of gatorade chews on my 10th hole and nothing else other than beer.

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As already stated people eat to maintain energy levels.  Four to five hours is a long time to go without food, especially during any sort of physical activity outside.  I find that without a snack of some kind I have difficulty maintaining concentration levels on the back nine.  I usually pack a peanut butter sandwich or will buy a Snickers bar from the cart girl if I forget to pack something. 

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I don't usually eat during the round and I walk most of the time.  However, Gatorade (or something like it) is my drink of choice on the course.

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Originally Posted by zipazoid View Post

Here in Florida, especially in the summer, it's too damn hot to eat. Just gimme lots of water.


I tend to agree.  I'll sometimes grab a dog at the turn, but more often than not, I'm just drinking a lot of water or Gatoraide.....

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I sometimes pack a piece of fruit or nuts, but I've been paired with groups that eat and drink pretty well. Like pastries and delicacies and good tea. It was like golf and tapas/dim sum social hour where you can easily packin more calories than you burn.
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Why eat during a round of golf?


It can be 5-6 hrs, you're expending energy, and personally, I get hungry.


I typically have 16 oz of water, more when it's hot, and bring some or all of the above - apples, pistachios, almonds, and walnuts.

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It's important, especially when walking to keep up your energy level. For me that means a protein bar or similar. It keeps my focus sharp at the end of the round. I'll eat it at the turn. It's not distracting at all and should be part of your routine. Look at the pros. TV doesn't often show them eating except Tiger but I guarantee they get take in plenty of calories during a round.


I try to drink plenty of water on the course as well. Otherwise by the last 2-3 holes my focus is gone.

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Prefer the way they do it here. Mandatory 15-minute stop at halfway for breakfast or lunch. Since the whole field does it, nobody gets unduly held up and it allows you to refuel for the back side. No cart girls out on the courses, so also presents the opportunity to neck a beer if that's what the situation calls for.
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I drink plenty of water on the course. I'll throw a couple bananas in my bag but thats it. I never stop at the turn, unless it's for a quick rest room trip.
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If people feel like eating they're going to eat regardless of what they're doing.  I've never felt like eating if I'm walking like Philly above, but if I'm cruising around in a cart and feel like having a cheeseburger at the turn I'm probably going to have a cheeseburger at the turn.

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Originally Posted by Stretch View Post

Prefer the way they do it here. Mandatory 15-minute stop at halfway for breakfast or lunch. Since the whole field does it, nobody gets unduly held up and it allows you to refuel for the back side. No cart girls out on the courses, so also presents the opportunity to neck a beer if that's what the situation calls for.


I like that, great idea.

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Considering I walk almost 90% of the time usually by the 7th hole I'm starving so I pack a bag of nuts, granola bar, apple or banana and at least a liter of water. I have no idea how but the water is usually gone by the 14th hole.
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I have no set routine. If I miss lunch before the round I might get something before I start and if the tee time comes up, I will finish in the cart. I sometimes walk, and when I do, I usually don't carry anything to eat; if I am playing 18 i might get a snack at the turn whether walking or riding. If I am playing just 9, I don't ususally eat but stay hydrated-mostly water but if its really hot may a sports drink to replace electrolytes.
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I don't have a habit of eating every time, it depends when during the day I play. I don't eat breakfast, so if I go out early, morning or noon, it can be nice to have some fruit, nuts and stuff to eat. I always drink water while playing.

I'd rather eat a little during the round than a big meal right before.
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I don't like playing on a full stomach. So I typically don't eat prior to playing. I usually walk and almost always have a Gatorade, that I typically refill at the water coolers on the course, and a bag of trail mix, or a Powerbar, Nature Valley bar, or something like that. 


I still live by the rules Senior Drill Instructor Staff Sgt Bird told us: "Eat like a pig, run like a pig. Eat like a fox, run like a fox."


Granted, there isn't much running in golf, but I just don't like having a bunch of half-digested food in my stomach while I do some form of exercise. 

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I rarely eat on the golf course, but I will if I'm hungry.


I mean… right?

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Originally Posted by golf55 View Post

I get distracted when I have food. Even simple as banana I lose my concentration. I just don't understand how people can switch on and off with golf.


I always walk. I eat FULL right before I leave my house. I'm usually hungry by the 6th hole lol. I have done it but I was losing so much focus on golf. The golf bag you move around and stopping every minute to hit the shot. Eating while riding a cart makes sense. Store food in the cart and eat while your buddies hit but it's harder when your walking. When I have a large group in front it takes 5hours to finish a round and I can't afford to eat at the golf restaurant so that's more than 6hrs of no food.


Now I think about it I should buy those mini size chocolate bars but I think they melt in the heat. I don't want a mess all over my hand. Small crackers maybe?



EDIT: I guess the question I"m asking is, am I the only one who doesn't eat while playing golf.

lol No offense, but if a banana is taking your attention away from your game and breaking your focus... you may need prescription medication to fix that attention span.

I am not sure that anything would be so distracting that I can't focus on my game, aside from getting wasted.

People eat when they are hungry, period. If I'm good, I'm good. If I'm hungry, I'll eat something (snickers, peanuts, fritos, hot dog, pretzels, whatever....)

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