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... Energy. You're burning calories as you play golf. To keep energy levels up so that you don't "crash" towards the end, you need to consume more calories. 


When I was younger, I could warm up for a half hour and make through 18 with just a bottle of GatorAde at the turn.


That was 20 years ago. Now I need a good meal before I play, lots of water on the front nine, plus GatorAde and a Clif's energy bar at the turn. Otherwise, I too "crash at the end."


On Friday mornings, I bring along extra Clif's bars. Sometimes I get paired with young guys who have been up for 26 hours straight, and missed breakfast.

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I only eat a pack of peanut butter crackers if I eat anything while playing 18. I carry 5 hour energy drinks in my bag and will drink one if I start feeling tired. My swing  goes to pot when I get hot and tired. I'm working on getting in better shape and losing a few pounds. I'm 53 years old.

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I was a "drink water only" player for a long time, but I started toting a bag of trail mix or just nuts or sometimes a powerbar, and it really does help out, especially if you're walking.  I would never do like some guys and call ahead for a sandwich at the turn or something like that, but a little goes a long ways when I'm out there.

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Last year I bought a few bottles of some berry flavored protein liquid that you mix with water and I drank it as I played my round.


When it ran out I got another cheaper brand about like it, but with an awful flavor, and I don't get the urge to use it except for occasionally choking down a glass in the morning, and then brushing my teeth to get rid of the aftertaste.


I need to order some more of the first brand I used.

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Morning Tee Times
-Nutrigrain Bar

Afternoon Tee Times
-Apple or fruit of some sort
-Diet Coke
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budlight and a snickers and I'm good

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If it's good enough for Tiger Woods, it's good enough for me.

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I started out playing golf without eating anything during a round.


Then I started to grab something at the turn.  And at first, that used to be my case (see highlighted section below).  Whenever I would grab something to eat at the turn, my score would suffer for the next few holes.  Turns out, it was because I ate too much at the turn.


Now, I would grab a couple of protein drinks and put them in my bag.  I drink one every 6 holes.  Sometimes I would also grab some almonds.

I do notice the difference when I don't have anything during a round.  My score suffers the last few holes as I get tired and lethargic.

Originally Posted by golf55 View Post

I get distracted when I have food. Even simple as banana I lose my concentration. I just don't understand how people can switch on and off with golf.


I always walk. I eat FULL right before I leave my house. I'm usually hungry by the 6th hole lol. I have done it but I was losing so much focus on golf. The golf bag you move around and stopping every minute to hit the shot. Eating while riding a cart makes sense. Store food in the cart and eat while your buddies hit but it's harder when your walking. When I have a large group in front it takes 5hours to finish a round and I can't afford to eat at the golf restaurant so that's more than 6hrs of no food.


Now I think about it I should buy those mini size chocolate bars but I think they melt in the heat. I don't want a mess all over my hand. Small crackers maybe?



EDIT: I guess the question I"m asking is, am I the only one who doesn't eat while playing golf.

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