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1. Way more than I need, there are probably around 3 dozen in there. If my first hole or so starts off a bit shakey, I'll switch balls and find a fresh one.


2. In the past couple months, since it got warm out, I've used Srixon Soft Feels, AD333's and Nike PD Softs.I've got previous gen and current E6's and new model Gamer's in the bag these days however.


3. I lose a ball about once every other round at my local course, usually due to the woods after an errant tee shot off number 1, no range there. I fear getting bit by a copperhead when I'm out in the middle of nowhere walking so I might not look as vigilantly as others would. It's an 'offering to the golf gods' is how I justify that.


4.I seem to buy a dozen once a month whether I need them or not. 

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Originally Posted by dfreuter415 View Post

Here are a couple of questions about personal habits and golf balls....


1. How many golf balls do you carry in your bag?


2. What brand(s) of ball do you normally use?


3. How many balls do you normally lose per round?


4. How many new balls do you buy each year?


1. 8-12

2.  Nike, Titleist, whatever is on sale really

3. 2 maybe

4. Two dozen, tops



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