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Was at my local golf shop this afternoon and started playing around with the putters. I tried the pings first and really really enjoyed the ping karsten zing. I was holing many puts on the carpet from 10 ft or more and was having very good distance control. So being the typical beginner I am I started picking up other putters and trying them. Everything from yes putters to Odyssey and even a Scotty Cameron. I tried everything from futureist designs to normal and just kept coming back to the ping zing. Now here is my question is this a good choice for a beginner? It is definitely in my price range at $89 is this just one of those personal decisions that each golfer must make on his own BC what is nice to me is complete garbage to someone else? I have the opportunity to buy a used Scotty Cameron that is in really good shape and only a few years old for $100. Am I going to appreciate the difference in the Scotty Cameron later down the road? Just like to hear your inputs and suggestions.thanks
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Putters are a very personal thing. No specific putter is for beginner or pros, or anybody in between. Its what ever you like, feels good to you, and most of all, what looks good.


Ping has a long history of making great putters. So if its the right price and you like it, go for it.


For me, I prefer Scotty Cameron newport style putters. Anything else just doesn't work for me.

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Yeah, putters are a very personal thing.  That is why there are SO many choices.  In the same store how many different drivers did you see?  A putter has to sort of "look right" to you when you stand over the ball.  I have a Scotty Newport II that I'm currently real partial to, but that doesn't mean it is right for you.  For me, putting is about feel and confidence.  If you pull out a putter you feel like you can sink putts with, you have a very good start.  If you're real lucky, that Zing will be with you for years.  If not, at least it isn't a real costly mistake. 

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I picked up my TaylorMade White Smoke 35" blade at Golf Galaxy for $99. I was tinkering around with that and the Nike (did you know this is the putter that Tiger uses?) Method blade. Ended up with the White Smoke since I like a bit heavier of a putter.

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As Motley and Pirate and many others will say, putters are very personal. Scotty's are finely crafted but not better than the PING if the PING is what feels good to you. As the others said, the reason manufacturers are able to sell so many styles of putters is because different things work for different people. If the PING works for you, go for it! The good thing about a middle of the road putter like the PING is there will always be someone willing to take it off your hands without losing too much if you find you have to part ways.
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i think the biggest thing with putters is finding out where you actually aim the face.  this may or may not be where you think youre lining it up.  i took my putter and lasered it and found out i was aiming it 6 inches to the right from 6 feet.  looked square to me and lined up with the alignment line, but i wasnt.  it all depends on your eye, and how you see the face.  its different for everyone, and two people will aim the same putter in two different ways.

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Manufacturer aside, get what you are most comfortable and confident with. If that's a $15 bargain bin find... or a $1,000 custom... doesn't matter if it works for you today.
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Originally Posted by Motley01 View Post

For me, I prefer Scotty Cameron newport style putters. Anything else just doesn't work for me.

I think you mean Ping Anser style.
Credit where credit is due.
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Oh snap! Lol, good one Shorty
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Originally Posted by Shorty View Post

I think you mean Ping Anser style.
Credit where credit is due.


Shorty!!!! Hey man, where ya been? Haven't seen you for while.


Always love your comments!!

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