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What percentage of time do you spend playing golf vs. practicing to play golf - Page 2

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I play once a week.

I go to the range one hour every other week.

I do practice swings with a weighted club every night while watching TV

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I'm only at ten percent. 9 hours a week playing, 1 hour practicing. And I wonder why I'm inconsistent haha.
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I play once a week and I hit the range maybe twice a month. Im getting better but I wish I could have more range time to fine tune some things.
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My home course is right along the way to work, so I will stop off and hit a bucket or chip and putt a couple of times a week. I may practice extra if I'm trying to overcome a problem, but I want to actually play more. Some weeks I should be able to play 18 twice.


My wife and I bought a flat-rate annual membership (covers everything except food), so it's a lot easier to stop and play four or five holes sometimes rather than holding out for an 18-hole day. As my friend says, "It only costs if you don't play."


One thing I've noticed: If I hit two dozen full shots before I play, I generally finish stronger than if I hit 60 balls before I play.

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Unfortunately nearly 95% practice.  I go to the range a couple of times a week and hit 100-200 balls (where I have a key to the ball bin and can start early before the owners even get there), see my instructor every six weeks or so during one of the range sessions, but don't usually have the time available to play 18.  During my off time I can usually be found spending time with my wife, who has a terminal illness. My work schedule leaves me little time for anything else.  I was going to early play yesterday, actually got to the course, paid for the round, hit some range balls, and found that it was cart paths only.  I have psoriatic arthritis pretty bad in my feet, hips and ankles and just can't handle 18 with that much walking, so I went to the other range where I normally hit and had another good day of practice with a purpose.  One of these days I'll get back out. 

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Practice time : Play time

Not enough : Too much

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I spend time in our yard hitting foam practice balls that somewhat approximate ball flight just to try and get my mechanics down. I go to the range rarely because I can hit balls good all day there but it never equates to doing well on the course. I consider practice when I'm playing on the course hitting multiple shots as someone else stated. It gives more real world feedback than hitting at the range.

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Hmm Hours spent on the course vs. hours on the practice range between playing is probably around 50%. 
Balls hit practicing vs balls hit on the course between playing a round is closer to 99% practice 1% play


I usually go to the range 2-3 times a week and play once every other week. 

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I usually play 2-3 rounds of golf a week.  If it's not crowded I'll take 2-3 attempts on a ball after my drive.  So I find it great for short game.  Usually the other two I actually play.  So 33.3% practice and 66.6% play. I usually hit the practice green after if there still day light when I'm done.

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I am lucky enough to play 9 holes at least four times a week. I love to play, and almost always walk . I play 18 with the gangsome about twice a month on the weekend. The only time I go to the range, is when I warm up prior to weekend round, or if I want to work on a specific problem. I am not a very mechanical player, so my practice is playing. If I spend too much time thinking about my swing, my brain turns to mush.

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I usually hit a few balls into a net in my garage every day - maybe 20-40 balls.  About once a month I go to the range and hit 100 balls.  I try to play 9 holes once a week and I probably get out to play 18 holes about 10 times per year.  I probably spend about 1 hour per year practicing putting and never practice chipping.     


So, on an average week, I guess it's about 50/50 . .2 hours for 9 holes and 2 hours in my garage.  No wonder I suck!

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I am outside every day (weather pending of course) chipping and putting. I have a small putting mat that is set up in the corner of my back yard...If I want to be really adventurous, I chip over my pool onto the green. I use my net maybe twice a week just to keep the swing going, and I hit the range to practice my range control once a week. My playing consists of 9 holes one week with work, then 18 with buddies the next. Definitely spend a lot more time practicing than I do actually playing, but I enjoy the practicing as much as I do the playing!

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This year for me has been almost exclusively practice.
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