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When to buy customized equipment?

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What I really wonder is how important customized equipment is for a beginner, how much difference in results it can make and at what level one should really start looking at all that technical stuff like customized lie of the irons,

customized shaft length (+ or - 0.25 inch, does that really change that much?), and many more things I read about but can't even remember.


Can anyone answer this question?


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Lie Angle, Shaft Flex, Shaft Length


These need to be right from the get go or you will risk losing interest due to constant struggles.


Kickpoints, Grips, Lofts, Face Angles etc


These are more tweaks and fine tuning and should not impact your ability to learn how to swing correctly.



Some might have a slightly different opinion but I stand by the first 3 for sure.


Quick Edit: Shaft Lengths of .25 etc are not a big deal but if you are shorter or taller than average then you could be a full inch off and that would be no good. Lie Angle is the same way. If its "close" then you'll be ok but I found out after many years that I needed to be 2 degrees upright and that changed everything.

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Beginners only need a static fitting, to see if the clubs fit them physically. This includes shaft length, lie angle (using lie board and/or sole impact tape), and grip thickness.


Initial shaft flex can be determined from clubhead speed.


Anything more involved simply doesn't work for beginners. Most other factors change on a day-to-day basis until your swing starts to get grooved.

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If someone can afford it the closer they get to a correctly fit club the better they are going to play.


A "beginner" that's trying to drive a roofing nail with a sledge hammer is only going to make all kinds of unwanted compensations to try to make it work.  

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I get the picture.

Thanks a lot for your information guys!

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