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I have the Apex+ from the early 2000's and I love the very soft feel.

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If you want a set of Hogan's because they "are hogans", then buy something that was actually made by Hogan. Everything from 1984 or earlier has Hogan's input all over em.

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If I recall, the Hogan brand was sold several times over the years to several companies including Spaulding and as of 2003 Callaway. Did Callaway make any Hogan brand clubs? I don't remember but i believe in their last incarnations they were leaning more toward making the forgiveness clubs rather than the low handicappers. If that's the case, perhaps a set of early Hogan's with updated shafts might fit the bill?
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OP, I can't help you because I don't know anything about Hogan irons, but your question reminded me of an old post I saw on here once from a regular poster, who's also a very good golfer.  You like Hogans?  Check this out ...




I would imagine that he knows everything there is to know about Hogan irons :)

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as I mentioned previously, I have owned 2 sets of Hogans. Both were Hogan Edges. The first set was with stiff graphite shafts and looked brand new. I do not know what year they were made, but I got them in the late 90's at a golf shop in a mall where they were on consignment. The recent set have steel apex 3 shafts.  As you know, the "Edge" is a perimeter weighed cavity back, but it is forged. They are pretty forgiving, but if you do not hit them on or near the sweet spot, you will definitely feel a little sting. When hit on the "button" it is almost effortless and as they say a very soft feel.  I am also looking for a set of like new condition Hogan Apex Plus. Mostly for the looks and I think they would play very nearly to what I am accustomed to.  As for Calloway, I do not know if they actually made any Hogan irons or not, but I am sure a google search would render results.  As the other poster alluded to, the older Hogans (Pre Edge) would probably be more for a low handicap or scratch player.  There was also an edition of the Hogan Edge called "GS" which were done with collaboration of Ben Hogan and a respected associate of his , hence the initials "GS", I do not recall his name though.

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Just checked and found it was Gene Sheely, Hogan's club designer. I am learning, albeit slowly, that every question one might have , has already been answered in this forum. So, it would appear that the Hogan Edge Irons were still made by the Hogan Company while he still had it. Correct me if I am wrong.

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Hi Tobish, 

In my opinion the best Ben Hogan ever made irons are "Ben Hogan Apex 50" blades, produced in 2002. It was the last blades produced by Ben Hogan company before the company was sold to Callaway I think. I play this irons and I love them so much that I do keep one more brand new set in secret under my bed : ) ). I bought the second set about 3 years ago when I saw that it was the last brand new set on all the internet on the world. They still keep pace with actual models of the best irons as Titleist MB for example but they are one of most beautifull irons ever made. On every golf tournaments I am in limelight, specially then If I win the tournament : ) ). Also I can say they are very endurance because I play them 5 years and they are still in perfect condition so the second set I do have under my bed I will probably take out in at least 10 years later : ) ).

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If you want to see a pretty complete list of the Hogan irons take a look at this site;




Any of the irons pre-1980 are clubs Hogan designed or had input designing.  With regards to irons that are pretty easy to find on eBay, most people talk about the Director, Producer and Apex II as being pretty tough irons to hit. 

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Late to this thread but....


I have played several different Hogan clubs since high school (two sets of Apex II's, then PC's in college) and now own several sets.  I would recommend PC's with Apex 4 (stiff) shafts.  They are readily available on e-bay for about $100 and have great feel.


Stay away from the commemorative models unless you plan to collect them and not hit them.  They are expensive (although any price over about $1200 is probably too much) and they will lose 50% or more of the value if you hit just one club one time.


Good luck and enjoy them, they are great clubs.

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Are you still interested in hogan irons?
I have played apex '73, Apex II, PC, directors. Radials and edge
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Nice to see that people still like Hogan clubs. Every club in my bag is a Hogan:



Big Ben C-S3 10.5 with Aldila NV-H 70R shaft (made in about 2007 as I recall)

1w and 3w: Apex persimmon (circa 1983) with Apex 3 shafts

4w: Speed Slot persimmon with Apex 4 shaft

5w: Speed Slot persimmon with Apex 3 shaft

6w: Speed Slot 404 (laminated) with Apex 3 shaft



3-Equalizer: Director (circa 1980) Apex 3 shafts


Wedges (all with Apex 3 shafts)

49 degree Colonial

Special 56 K Grind

Special 62 K Grind



Radial PO2 (brass flange)


Yes, I know that's 18 clubs. I vary the set somewhat depending on the course, how I'm playing, etc, ...sometimes 14 clubs....sometimes as few as 11. Being 65 years old typically walking the course and carrying my bag (a Hogan stand bag) I'll often leave out a couple of clubs to lighten the load a bit. I don't hit it as far as I once did, so I tend to carry more woods...and I've finally learned to like hitting a big modern driver. Right now the clubs in the bag are the Big Ben driver, the 3-4-5-6 woods, the 4-Equalizer Directors and the Special 56 K Grind sand wedge and, of course, the putter.


The least used clubs recently have been:

Apex persimmon driver: love the club, but have learned to like the Big Ben

3 iron: the 6 wood is more versatile - at least in my hands. 

49 degree Colonial wedge: The Equalizer is essentially a PW with the head shape of the other irons...and it's my preferred club for short shots, chipping and pitching, etc.

Special 62 K Grind: I never have been good with the very high lofted wedges...and rarely even use the 56 degree wedge except when in a bunker or a really deep lie in the rough that has to be played like a bunker shot.

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