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Another new guy

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Hello everyone, I'm brand new here, and to golf. I live in Tucson, Arizona, I'm a graduate student, working on a Master's Degree in US History. Honestly, until about a week ago, I had little to no interest in golf. Without warning however, suddenly, I'm in love with the game. I don't know where the interest came from, but I'm glad it did.


I just bought a set of clubs to get myself started with. I'm doing all the reading and studying I can do. I plan on hitting the driving range a few nights this week, and once the sweltering summer passes, I'll start playing some rounds.


I'm the sort if guy who strives to excel in everything he does. I have no concept of golf, but I was a very good baseball player in high school, and have become a very good bowler as well. I hope that talent along with my ambition, dedication, enthusiasm, hard work, and natural talent can eventually lead to me becoming a scratch golfer. 


However it goes, I'm looking forward to be a very active participant around here so I can learn as much as possible, and fuel my excitement. 

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