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Wal-Mart Puts golf balls on lock down...

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     My local Wal-mart recently put Golf balls under lock & key, just like Ammo and replacement razor catridges. Is this a chain wide Event? or is it just the effect of the quality golfers in my area...In January I went to the Wal-Mart to buy their closeouts on 2011/2012 balls. They had Bridgestone e7's for $19.98. while shopping I  picked up a package of B330's and noticed the top box cover was put over a dozen Bridgestone <fit> balls...and the UPC was on the top cover, so somebody got some B330's for $15 or whatever the price for <fit> balls are. Today... after waiting for the clerk for five minutes I asked how much of a problem it was. He said they found empty sleeves all over the store, every day. The only balls not under lock and key are the Re-loads, which they only had the precepts and Srixons on the shelf. It would be my hope that it's just kids doing this, so they had something to give their "golf dad" on fathers day(today) other than that ...If you steal golf balls from Wal-mart, you are not a golfer...you are just a petty thief.

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My walmart they are not locked up. I never even thought about how you could steal golf balls. Obviously someone figured it out. Wow! People amaze me!
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It's like that in NC for the higher priced balls.  Not surprised though, stealing seems minor to all the gang activity in downtown areas.  

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what you do is just swap covers from premium balls to shitty balls, bar code is on top so ive heard

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It's not just Walmart. Dicks has done the same thing with the ProV's....at least the one by me. The cashier told me they'd had some women in there a week earlier shoplift over $300 worth of TaylorMade's. And this is in a very nice shopping center.
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It never passed my mind to do such a thing but here on Maui's Walmart, it's open...maybe because its located on the last row, back in the corner where people hardly pass. But I must admit, it's part of my Walmart ritual to pass that isle to dream of what golf ball to try next...lol.
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most sporting goods stores around here remove the actual sleeves from the boxes of higher priced balls.  Some just use double security locks on the higher priced balls.  Any time I buy balls from the store, I always check to make sure whats in the box is what I'm actually trying to buy. 


Worked in retail before(at a dollar store) and you'd be surprised what people would actually steal.  Things that cost as little as 50 cents or a dollar, they will still pocket them.  Toothpaste, toothbrushes, all sorts of "beauty" products, switch bar code stickers, load up totes or coolers with various items so you only scan the cooler and they get whats inside for free...

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Around my area in Atlanta all golf balls that are priced higher than $30/dozen are locked up, except at the PGA Tour Superstore, but they are loaded with cameras.
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