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Hello from Tucson AZ

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Hi, new to the forum. I'm in Tucson now for the last 15 years, was raised in Chicago. I've been playing golf for as long as I can remember. Most everyone in my family plays. Growing up I was a hockey player (was drafted out of high school) so golf was something I did for fun. These days I play one round a week and hit the range a few times in between work and family. I'm currently about an 11-12, but am working to get into single digits. I really want to get down to a 3-4. I've given myself 2 years to get there. Been lurking around here for awhile and have learned a lot. I look forward to participating and getting to know some of you.
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Welcome! Yeah I read recently in Golf Digest about how hockey players make good golfers and vise versa. Welcome to the site though and I hope you stick around!
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Welcome! Talk about a small world. I also grew up in Chicago, and now live in Tucson. I'm brand new to golf, and just joined the forum a few days ago. Maybe we'll run into each other at some point. 

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