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club help PING

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hi, going to look at a couple of second hand iron sets on the weekend and i desperatly need some advice. i'm looking at either g5's or i10's. Ive read that the i10's are not as forgiving. At the moment I have a 20 year old set of Grey Max, my question is will the i10's be as forgiving as the grey max. I know the g5 will prob be easier than the i10's but my ball striking is pretty good (i top every now and then and I cant putt to save my life) but if the i10's will be as forgiving as the old grey max then in the long run I'm guessing that the i10's might be the club I will be after. I just have it in my head that if I dont have many problems with a set of 20 yr old irons, than a modern set of irons will be just as forgiving, even if they arent as forgiving as the g5's.

sorry for the big wall of text. So long story short will the i10's be as forgiving as a 20yr old set of cavity back irons.

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Do you have the option of hitting both sets before buying? That would be the best way to know for sure.

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each set is half hour away from each other, both in residential areas, so a swing easy, hitting some balls, not so easy.
The g5's have jumbo grips, which i would change straight away. So more than likely the i10's will feel better in the hand, but might change after new grips.
Both sets I can get cheap ($200 or g5 and $250 for i10) I'm just not sure about the curve of technology, as in forgivness improving, so something that is at the low end of the scale for forgiveness now would be just as forgiving as a iron that was forgiving 20 years ago.

hope I'm making sense.
I know that each player is going to have a different feel with every club out there, some will find different clubs easy or hard.

just really want to know in terms of general forgivness, how far have irons come in the past 15 years. If its a long way, id prob take the risk with the i10's.

Just 80% of things ive read say i10's are better for a low h/c, g series are better for higher h/c, but really thats compared current models, not a current model against something 20 years old.
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A club that was better for higher handicap players then will still be better for higher handicap players now. Same on the other side. So if you fell like you need something that is more forgiving you will want to go with the g5's most likely.

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hi, just an update, the g5's sold before I could get there and i wasnt confinate enough that i could consistantly hit the i10's. Ended up picking up a set of 2010 nike slingshots (with hybrid 3)
couldnt be happier, irons hit themselves, also dropped a club with them, used to use a 5 iron from 150m, now hitting my 6 iron about 155m.
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