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wedge set up with burner 2.0 irons and iron question

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i have a new burner 2.0 iron set graphite shafts 4-9 + pw (45 degrees) + sw (55 degrees)


my question would be what degree wedge would i need accompanying this to be the most ideal.


Also, on my old set i had bought a 21 degree hybrid to replace the 3 iron, but in this set, the 4 iron is a 21 degree. is it worth keeping the 21 degree hybrid in the bag or taking it out. i have 13 clubs with it, 12 without.


driver, 3 and 5 wood, 21 degree hybrid, 4-9 iron, pw,sw and putter 


thank you

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On the hybrid question: I'd actually pick one or the other if I were you, whatever you're more comfortable with. If long irons baffle you (they certainly still baffle me) then go with the hybrid. You can always swap it out for the iron if your shotmaking improves over time. My thought is: if the ball is 4-iron distance away from the hole, I wouldn't want to have to pick between two clubs that theoretically do the same thing... "Dammit, shoulda gone with the (hybrid/iron) instead!" would probably become a popular phrase...

With the wedges... well, technically a gap wedge (approx. 50-54 degrees, usually 52) fits in between the PW and SW, but that'd be kinda weird having a non-matching club between two matching ones. You may wanna ditch your sand wedge and get a matching wedge set (gap, sand, lob - 52,56,60). You certainly have room in your bag for it.

These days, I don't see the point of matching sand wedges in sets if there isn't a gap wedge there first. No offense of course. Taylor burners are cool clubs after all...

Hope all these thoughts help.

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ok makes sense about the hybrid, although i notice that my hybrid has a longer shaft so i hit the ball a couple yards further, and also when i am playing a bad round, i dont have the confidence to hit with my low irons, so then i just use the hybrid. 


thank you on your information about the wedges, right now il probably just get a 50 or 52 degree to solve as my gap wedge, but next time i am upgrading my set, i will buy a whole wedge set like you suggested



on a totally different note, can anyone tell me how to make like that little note on the end of each message for whats in my bag, like almost everyone has it and it shows what each person uses, for somereason i cant seem to be able to make one or find out where to make one.


thank you

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Yeah, they don't let you do that signature until you've been a member for 10 days and have at least 10 posts, if I'm not mistaken... Don't worry, it'll come soon.

With the wedges though... The choice is yours, but dude, you just got new clubs... I highly suggest you don't use a band-aid solution on your new set!

Before you make your decision though... something like THIS may solve your problem...



Boom. A MATCHING gap wedge. Now if you bought this, kept your sand wedge, and added something in the 58-60 range for short shots and chipping, you'd really have a complete set.

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PS: I do believe those gap wedges have a standard loft at 50 degrees... I looked at some other eBay listings for Burner 2.0 gap wedges and they said 50 degrees.

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I myself just bought the Driver(10.5 Deg), 3W, 5W, 3H(18 Deg), 4-9irons, PW(45 Deg), AW(50 Deg) Wedges all Burner 2.0's and a SW(56 Deg) TM ATV + putter. Which makes 14 total clubs. I got myself a 3H because of not having the confidence of hitting my 4I and never looked back. I hit the hybrid a lot more consistent then the long iron. On Wedges, The AW came with the set when I made the purchase but to tell you the truth, I haven't used it at all. From about 100yrds I use my PW, anything closer I use my SW with adjusting my swings (full, 3/4, 1/2 etc.) I guess it's all personal preference on the wedges. But I love my Burner 2.0 I just got into the game of golf about 6 months ago. Damn I'm addicted to it. LOL.
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finding it in a graphite shaft, lefty and that can ship to canada is the problem

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Originally Posted by dadu991 View Post

finding it in a graphite shaft, lefty and that can ship to canada is the problem

You need a US friend who will ship to you.

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Just don't give up. The club exists dude. Or, if you buy a gap wedge, get a matching sand wedge, and ditch yours.

Choice is yours, but I think everyone here would agree that the round-peg-square-hole solution is not a good one.

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