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Set-up Question

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Some quick background: I'm a tall golfer (6'5") and I've always had a rather upright stance.  I was a caster/early releaser forever, but this year I've been working on lag and getting the shaft leaning forward through impact.


I feel like I've made good progress on the lag, but I'm finding all of my shots are high, right, with little compression and not much of a divot.  I think I've traced it down to being too upright at the start and then standing up as I come into impact.  I think this is a mental issue left over from my casting days, stemming from my fear of plowing into the earth a few inches behind the ball.  When I stand up, the shaft straightens vertically at impact, adding loft and losing the shaft lean.


I want to stay down more and trust that my lag will angle the shaft enough to clear the impact zone without me having to stand up.


Now, being tall, my question is the best approach to closing the gap between my shoulders and the ground.  Should I bend a lot more at the knees, or bend more at the hips?  Or a combination of the two?  I've been fitted multiple times for iron sets, and different fitters have come to the same measurements, so I don't think it's an equipment issue.  But for me to ground the club and stay down, I've got to bend somewhere...

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If you bend too much you will find yourself coming out of your swing. Stand comfortably and try not to think about casting or coming out of your swing. Instead you should be focusing on keeping your grip loose throughout your entire swing. This will help with your shots going high and right and as well as keep you from casting the club early. 


Hope this helps

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